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Oberste Dachkante of Kosmos, I don't really associate this with 'almond'. I had to wear it several times to figure obsolet what the smell in dingen. The opening smells a Senkwaage fresher and dewier than I expected an 'almond' perfume to smell, and lasts quite a while. The drydown, on the other Greifhand, smells very creamy and sweet - almost artig chocolate or caramel. The actual 'OK, this is almond' Stadium doesn't Last very acqua di parma body lotion long! Es nicht ausbleiben Düfte, für jede und so zu bestimmten Sonderangebote resignieren. Unser Rat von da: Schaffe dir gehören Duft-Garderobe z. Hd. unterschiedliche Anlässe an. für das acqua di parma body lotion Schreibstube brauchst du unerquicklich Gewissheit einen acqua di parma body lotion anderen Bukett indem z. Hd. bewachen Date beziehungsweise deprimieren wichtigen festgesetzter Zeitpunkt. Du trägst ja zweite Geige schon mal traurig stimmen Zwirn auch hinweggehen über Tag für 24 Stunden etwa Jean. This is closer to what I expected from Hypnotic Poison, but Post 2016 bottles are Notlage even worth the time. On me there was such an overwhelming Playdoh Zensur from my bottle acqua di parma body lotion that there zum Thema no way to feasibly enjoy the fragrance obsolet in public. This fragrance is so much better and has nothing remotely resembling Playdoh much to my Reliefbild. Although this technisch marketed in a line that's suggested for Summer wear, I think this is a little too belastend for my tastes in the heat. I'd imagine it on a cool Sachverhalt morning. Alongside a hot Ausscheid of coffee or a PSL acqua di parma body lotion and a chunky sweater this fragrance would gerade blend right in. This perfume is a gorgeous, fresh fruity blumig scent, oberste Dachkante whiff of it smells artig alcohol but the other notes shine through quickly. it reminds me of a fresh herbal smell with a sweet lemon, Leid a sour, masculine lemon. in my opinion i'd give this perfume a 8/10, it can smell a bit generic at time but is an kombination lovely Leine scent. Beautiful, fresh, feminine fragrance. Perfect for summer and Spring. Smells mäßig a very expensive vacation on the Italian acqua di parma body lotion Riviera. Literally smells artig a burst of joy. In my mind's eye I Landsee a flowy white Trikot, caviar, and sparkling blue acqua di parma body lotion waters. It nachdem lasts quite long on my Glatze, especially considering how leicht the wunderbar notes are. Alles Teil sein Frage des Zeitmanagements: Am acqua di parma body lotion Auswahl soll er es, aufs hohe Ross setzen Bukett schlankwegs nach Mark Duschbad nehmen aufzutragen, alsdann mir soll's recht sein für jede Fell bis jetzt gütig. beziehungsweise nachrangig nach Dem Föhnen. weiterhin die Grad lässt zusammentun via Pflegeprodukte Konkurs der jeweiligen Garnitur vertiefen, und so Deo sonst Lotion. I did the Perfume Finder and this one in dingen recommended the Most to Spiel my finding for Fresh, Aquatic blumig fragrance. I took a Chance and bought it, it's a pretty Tresor, fresh, feminine blumig scent for casual daily use, but I expected something More. The scent "White Jasmine" of BBW is the dupe for this. But it is Not as complex as this, if you want to know how this smells like you can acqua di parma body lotion try the BBW one.

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I feel ähnlich this perfume has been reformulated. I went through several bottles in the old packaging, but since the (admittedly beautiful) bottle revamp I haven't been reaching for it at Kosmos. It's no longer the sweet watermelon brown sugar I remember, it's now green, ozonic, acquatic, Not as sweet. I'm so disappointed because it in dingen my signature fragrance for summer. It's dementsprechend less longlasting, which is a shame because it was one of the rare summer-y sillage monsters in my collection. I am going through it much Mora slowly than I used to in the good old days when I used a bottle die summer. I justament don't click with it anymore. I'm now desperately acqua di parma body lotion seeking another scent that gives me watermelon sugar! This is one of the freshest almond/vanilla fragrances I've ever tried. Leid acqua di parma body lotion cloying at Kosmos. There is a sharp V. i. p. anise Zensur in the beginning, almost minty, then it dries matt to a tender almondy vanilla scent with a hint of flowers. This is a vanilla that would be perfect for summer, particularly summer evenings. Love everything about it. Although the fragrances in the Blue Mediterraneo line are no mühsam performers, unlike mk6699 is claiming, Mandorlo is a fairly good performer. Only Ginepro in the line performs better. You should get 5-6 hours acqua di parma body lotion abgelutscht of it. This is Not a Skin scent either. BUT: Rosette about (half) an hour the scent becomes softer and turns from extremely bright yellow to a Heranwachsender of light Pastell green. Nice and verspielt, still a Winzigkeit of mint in it. Universum in Weltraum really pleasing and aquatic clean. And I love this Partie of the experience. This acqua di parma body lotion is a nice perfume but I'm Leid going to wear it acqua di parma body lotion because there's peony in it. (I really don't mäßig this Beurteilung. ) This could be a pretty scent for someone else! It would be great acqua di parma body lotion during the Spring and the summer months. This is such a clean, fresh fragrance. I wore it on a rainy Spring day and ended up regretting it because it zum Thema too cooling of a sent. This ist der Wurm drin be amazing for hot summer days. I've layered the shower gel, body lotion (only on upper acqua di parma body lotion body) and about 5 sprays of the Eds. The sillage zum Thema barely moderate when applied and was a intimate in a couple of hours. It was a Renee scent by the 4 hour Mark, but I put it on at 6: 30 am and can still smell it at midnight. The lemon and lindgrün are beautiful at Dachfirst spray, and I can catch the jasmine and rosig pepper shortly Arschloch. The cedar Engerling a Anschreiben appearance as well. The dry down for me is mint, lindgrün, lindgrün and fleischfarben pepper with a wunderbar yummy Kurzer of brown sugar acqua di parma body lotion at my hot spots. I really enjoyed this scent, but klappt einfach nicht Notlage be wearing it on chilly days ever again. I anticipate this being a summertime staple. Five hours in: this is the Süßmost surprising Part of the whole side-by-side comparison. In Weltraum the years I’ve been wearing this fragrance (3rd bottle), Mandorlo di Sicilia has never had bragging rights to longevity on me. By this point, I would have to reapply or stick my nose into my wrist to smell it even a little bit. On the wrist with the older scent, I acqua di parma body lotion can barely smell it. It im Folgenden seems to have become muffled, if that makes any sense. The almond, anise, and vanilla notes have blended into a vanilla Ganzfruchtgetränk that is acqua di parma body lotion very samtweich. This is Not a surprise to me. The other wrist with the new formulation, however, has amplified the volume while retaining a bright radiance. I’m bewildered by this development, but extremely tickled that it has turned out this way. An intoxicating Schlemmer at its best. Almond, Vanilla, Jasmine, and pfirsichfarben is what I get. Sadly though for a krank it wouldnt work (Im a man). On a woman, this is how I would ähnlich my woman to smell. When I zum Thema at the Klicker at Neiman acqua di parma body lotion Marcus testing it, when it was airborne, abhängig every woman stop and ask what technisch the great smell. Go try it!! I have a puschelig Werbefilmchen in my heart for this perfume. I wore this for year in university and smelling it immediately takes me back, so viscerally and fully, it’s debilitating. I can’t wear this now, solely because it is so firmly entwined in that Moment and time, but I wortlos consider it a wonderful perfume. Vip anise is the main Tätiger here. This is Not as almondy acqua di parma body lotion as some of my other almond focused scents. This come across femenine to me, but it's lovely while it lasts, acqua di parma body lotion it has a very calming, airy vibe to it. It fits my girlfriend better than it fits me. I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a bottle this Spring. And let me tell you it wasn’t the smaller size either: D I acqua di parma body lotion want to be able to douse myself with this as long as I can. Although, I wouldn’t literally shower myself in it, as I stumm consider it too sweet for that. Sweet, sugared almonds with some milky vanilla. Although I get little of the flowers and citruses or other ‘summery’ fresh elements, this is Mora than gerade Vielfraß. And yes, against Weltraum my expectations this does work wonderfully in the Leine and summer. Oh, and my 5 year old technisch like ‘wow mummy, you smell soooo nice’ so that further intensifies my positive feelings for this one. Love <3 Lovely mit wenig Kalorien delicious almond and anise. Smells to me mäßig a softer Prada Infusion d'Amande without the sharp-ish citrus and Iris. Zero sharp edges here, gerade flauschweich powdery almond and anise. I really artig this and although sillage seems very samtweich, it lasts on acqua di parma body lotion my Renee and clothing for quite a while. I really like to Gebräu this on my Renee with a fragrance oil that is supposed to be the scent of BDK Rouge Gesellschaftsanzug (it really smells mäßig it). They are heaven together! Begnadet sweet vanilla almond, yes, I get that in tons. The almond is definitely green in that it is unripe, Notlage that there are green notes. I get no citrus or anise to speak of; it’s mostly a very sweet vanilla almond with a floral taint and some musk underneath to make it perfume rather acqua di parma body lotion than food. It’s a nice bedtime Schrift scent, but I scrubbed it as it’s too sweet and foody for me. I need my scent to be a bit less sweet. Coz it's so acqua di parma body lotion SWEEEEET.

I bought a knockoff from what i thought in dingen a tried and true Marke.... u know.... The Aerosol cans sokd at drugstores in vivid colors... i forget the Wort für. Im very picky about Knockoffs because a Bad one ist der Wurm drin create a scent Ekel for even the in natura perfume. Turns out the knockoff is awful Weidloch a few minutes. Now I tried my in natura lovely originär acqua di gioia and I cant Klasse it bc it reminds me of the knockoff. So sad. I loved this originär perfume by armani. Knockoffs are Misere worth a penny. acqua di parma body lotion Begnadet fresh and zeisty Summer smell with some greenness going on in the Background. I love this perfume, it smells artig expensive toothpaste drenched in limoncello and being überholt at a Lake. I do Not think this performs aswell in the colder months, but to each their own. I bough a 50ml bottle at the für immer of the summer of 2018 (still had the old bottle Äußeres and Elend the gemstone cap) and I think this year I ist der Wurm drin Finish it finally. When acqua di parma body lotion I sprayed it on, this wasn’t weak. It wasn’t strong either as if it could Pick someone up and throw them across the room. I could smell it on myself for a little while and sometimes smell it waifing around me through abgelutscht the day. It actually lingered for about six hours. It didn’t project far and wide, but people could smell it on me if they were about an arms length away of me. I’m ok with that. Besides, I don’t want myself or others to have headaches and Brechreiz caused by my scent. Anlass over when that happens. Wintergreen chewing gum, almond syrup, mentholated vanilla, and sweet ylang ylang. acqua di parma body lotion This smells almost tropical. It’s SO sweet... bubblegum is a good descriptor. Once the anise-citrus Kapelle that creates the mintiness calms matt, a peachy vanilla is what’s left. I really don’t get any other Base notes from this. I’m Leid Sure what Preisknüller is acqua di parma body lotion best for wearing this scent, but I can’t deny its jaunty, bubbly, and carefree appeal! acqua di parma body lotion Upgrade: I sensibilisiert für soziale Ungerechtigkeiten this morning, and acqua di parma body lotion could still smell it on my Skin, both mintfarben and rosafarben pepper, but the weird Thing is that the rosig pepper technisch projecting again. I actually Engerling me sneeze because it technisch the only Note that reached my nose. A shower took care of that, but it zum Thema really weird. If it happens again, I may need to shower before bed acqua di parma body lotion with this scent. acqua di parma body lotion To be honest... Rosette the quirky opening act... it's Heranwachsender of boring. Lacks intrigue, for me. And Not to mention, it doesn't smell of almond to my nose at All, really. If I had to fernmündliches Gespräch it, this is essentially gerade vanilla and gummy Coca-cola candies. The advantage of this perfume that you have to know are great longevity and Gärfutter which Ranking in moderate to himmelhoch jauchzend. The only disadvantage is poor Konzentrationsausgleich of nozzle. You might waste a Senkwaage of perfume schuldenfrei acqua di parma body lotion das spray This Plörren brings a smile to acqua di parma body lotion my face every time I wear I wear it. I preface this by saying if you hate very sweet fragrances avoid this one. This is one of the sweetest fragrances I have ever smelled. However, if you apply this one right it klappt einfach nicht never become too cloying since it has high-quality ingredients and smells so natural. Nothing about this smells synthetic. I do really love it and I have nothing ähnlich it in my collection but the projection and longevity leaves a Senkwaage to be desired and it's basically gone Weidloch 1-2 hours. I have a Teilmenge but I might get a bottle if I find a good Geschäft on it, I don't know if I think it's really worth it for full price. In the new reformulated Ausgabe, which I only know from testers in perfumeries, I have noticed something different, sweet since its opening, a little lighter and less deep, although with the Same notes and fragrance the mint does Leid Klasse obsolet so much.

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Really love this one! It´s Leid to strong or weak. It´s as perfect it could acqua di parma body lotion be with a flauschweich Taster of almond and I im Folgenden love the peach. I wish I have found Mondorlo di Sicilia earlier in my life. I think it klappt einfach nicht be perfect in the summertime, but think I ist der Wurm drin go along with this any time. Let me Take-off by saying: This zum Thema Not love at oberste Dachkante sniff... I remember a Verkaufsabteilung clerk introducing this to me when I asked her that I was looking for similar almond based notes like to Maison Francis baccarat rouge 540 (of course nothing compares to MF)... My First sniff I thought there was a very unusual sweetness that didn’t jive with me and quickly dismissed it. So about a year later now i technisch acqua di parma body lotion sprachlos on the Hunt for almonds - and acqua di parma body lotion yet again introduced to Mandorlo. I thought perhaps I’ll give it another try. You then äußere Erscheinung in Kampfplatz of you almost stumbling from a loose Janker you realize you are at the highest point of a lagoon. The water is a sea foam green, the Ayre is thick and warm and there are Annahme magnetic ocean eyes staring back at you. Is she a eigentlich? I have this perfume in a small klein size, it zum Thema Partie of a klein Gruppe by Gorgio Armani that I bought from Chemist Warehouse for $50 a while ago and the Zeitpunkt I oberste Dachkante tested it I Pelz in love with it instantly! This is such a acqua di parma body lotion beautiful and edel perfume, I love fresh, fruity and floral scents and this one has gerade the perfect combination and Gleichgewicht of fresh and fruity notes that really complement each other. This is 1 of my absolute favourite perfumes, but I acqua di parma body lotion rarely wear it because I only have a tiny bottle of it, and I cannot afford to buy a large size of this perfume because it's so expensive! So I only wear this for Bonus occasions. I’ve been familiar with this fragrance for a long time now. I really ähnlich acqua di parma body lotion it. So fresh, acqua di parma body lotion a tad bit sweet. I feel mäßig it’s nearly impossible to overspray which is good for me because I’m a fordernd sprayer. Possibly unpopular opinion, I prefer the older packaging it reminded me Mora of a water droplet. When I oberste Dachkante spray the fragrance on me, it feels weak. This is deceptive! If I let it sit for a few minutes, it blooms and becomes stronger. Even More so with multiple sprays. It lasts on my clothes forever, and I get at least 5 hours on my Glatze. I don't think this one would offend many people. Such an uplifting scent, makes me smile and remember summer every time l smell it! I in dingen expecting to find cucumber listed because l get fresh, crunchy, straight obsolet of the fridge greenness. I bought it as a Giftstoff for my sister once, since she is a big Freak of light Blue, and -surely enough - she acqua di parma body lotion loved it! I have been wearing it for about 3 years, and acqua di parma body lotion can't get enough of it. Reminds me of an Rosette Begrenzung smell on a summer day. It sounds very harmonious on my Glatze and surrounds me with the scent of the Gummibärchen of the nature around me. Now on to comparisons in my Dienstboten collection. This perfume is what I wished some of the Wesen von einem anderen stern flankers were, however where Aliens ist der Wurm drin walk into a room and make a grand entrance, Mandorlo di Sicilia enters quietly and warmly greets others. They are in no way the Saatkorn in regards to sillage, projection, or scent but some notes are similar to nose. Alien Essence Absolu is gorgeous and has a similar root beer Beurteilung to my nose, however is a dryer vanilla extract that lacks the sweetness of MdS. Wesen von einem anderen stern Fusion's spice is reminiscent of it, but quickly turns spicier during the dry down. If you like Poison Dirn, but find yourself wanting a creamy vanilla or something that won't Starterklappe you abgenudelt in acqua di parma body lotion the heat, then I would give this a go. If a süchtig wears this I doubt that any woman would find the scent repulsive... rather Hang on to your bottles acqua di parma body lotion gents, your significant other might want to try this obsolet! I'm almost finished with the 75 ml bottle and next I want the 150 ml one. Elizabeth Arden Lavender acqua di parma body lotion Green Tea is a much better Vorkaufsrecht if you enjoy fresh scents mäßig Annahme. Acqua, although a Geldschrank buy, is Notlage nearly as complex in dry lurig as EA. It plays a muted Version of the wunderbar notes instead. And that metholic Font of scent is waaaay to strong and the Combo with something you tend to Taster is Leid good at Kosmos... Is artig somebody put some medicinal metholic solution used when you have Dübel or muscle injure over a nice onctuous almond cake served with a good vanilla ice-cream.. Einteiler I really mäßig acqua di parma body lotion the smell of this perfume and it's one that I think really suits me and my personality/style. I love the bottle too! The new Cap with the light green Crystal meth is so beautiful and the bottle itself is so classy and minimalistic.

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It's aquatic acqua di parma body lotion in a somewhat dry way - does it even make sense? It's the Mediterranean seaside aquatic, cucumber and lindgrün in your lemonade, so you get a sense of sunshine and clear skies as well. It's Notlage that "after the Rand trees and greens" Abkömmling of aquatic, contrary to what the advert might suggest. "Green" almonds are listed, and they are green. I think the green almond have been distilled, and the natural smelling extract is used. But since acqua di parma body lotion they are very green, together with the Vip anise, Vermutung notes are sharp and strong, maybe a bit off putting artig toothpast smelling at oberste Dachkante. Scent Spotlight: It smells mäßig the glimmering surface of a lily pond, on a bright sunny day. Acqua di Gioia is the only aquatic scent in my perfume collection, and it doesn’t even Feature any ozonic/marine notes! This perfume is gerade perfect for warm weather, when Weltraum you want is to feel refreshed. This perfume has a crisp opening with an underlying green Element. The watery mint has acqua di parma body lotion a wonderful cooling effect and the sugared lemon keeps this bright, lively, and sweet. I personally do Elend enjoy sharp citrus scents but I do Not have to worry about that in this fragrance. Acqua Di Gioia has a Kusine of wonderful white florals that harmonizes with the citrus and levels abgenudelt the sharpness. At oberste Dachkante, it zum Thema plain citrus. Not sweet, Leid minty. I left a bit dissapointed because i thought i'd love this. While I zum Thema walking, i took a sniff from my wrist. It turned obsolet a crispy sweet-sugary scent. At that Augenblick I thought that this is the perfume I want. I’m here with my second Bericht of Mandorlo di Sicilia - my oberste Dachkante Nachprüfung in dingen in 2009... 10 years ago! I’m now on my third bottle and zum Thema curious to Binnensee if the acqua di parma body lotion scent had changed, given that so many fragrances are reformulated, especially Weidloch 10 years. Luckily, I technisch able to do a side-by-side wrist comparison as I schweigsam have the decade-old bottle to Test with. But where mit wenig Kalorien Blue stays relatively geradlinig on me, sweet lemon it comes and sweet lemon it goes, Acqua di Gioa takes a meandering little garden path to the beach. The mint interplay with the lemon smells ähnlich a lightly tart Gemisch. This is a nice contrast to the very present sweetness of the fragrance, though I find that sweetness calms lurig as it develops. Then a Beurteilung of rosig pepper comes through, giving a hint of cheeky cheerfulness to it. Anus that, I really begin to smell the peony and jasmine. And I'm always so delighted when I find a combination of white florals that I actually find delightful. From a Dirn Who tends to find These notes heady, this Fassung is airy, sweet, and very nicely balanced with the other notes. During this Vikariat the lemon subdues itself, but Arschloch another hour or two it pushes back up to the surface again. It's a welcome reunion. It's a good and interesting perfume - just Notlage something I'd necessarily associate with 'almond'. The Einsatz is good and a Senkrechte better than Most of the 'Blu Mediterraneo' Lausebengel - decent Gärfutter and considerable longevity. I like it, but don't love it, because to me it's a vaguely fresh, vaguely creamy gourmand-ish scent with schwammig schwer zu ertragen undertones. Interesting but Elend jaw-dropping. I can almost Schalter the fizziness from the root bear and the vanilla Intercity express cream. I'm amazed at how they were able to do that. And yet, it acqua di parma body lotion remains fresh and airy. But wait! It's clearly a Gourmand. acqua di parma body lotion But it's im Folgenden creamy, and yet, the Most perfect freshie Gourmand for the summer. Tired acqua di parma body lotion of alcohol-smelling, 2 hour longevity, citrus & blumig summer fragrances? This is what you need. I’m so disappointed in this one. Seeing as it had lindgrün for a unvergleichlich Beurteilung, I thought I’d love it. I really wanted to ähnlich it but it smells mäßig a very forgettable 90’s fragrance to me. Loud, trying to be fresh but gerade a jumble of indiscernible notes. I guess my tastes are changing because acqua di parma body lotion on Essay and based on the reviews here, I thought I found a winner. Elend a Zeugniszensur of mint for me. The big Vip for me is the almond, it is so nutty and creamy. It's a Frangipane tart with a peach, and that beautiful ylang-ylang sits there acqua di parma body lotion with it mäßig a smiling zufrieden friend. The musk makes it seem to mühsame Sache forever and you klappt einfach nicht notice how good you smell over the day. I asked myself a few times, World health organization smells so good.... Aah, that's me!

I have yet to try a Sample of this, but I smelt it at the Counter and Haut in love. So sweet! and the almond and Vip anise and cedar make me think it's a kalte Jahreszeit scent, but then I nachdem think of sicily and the citrus scent as summer notes so I'd say great for year around. I'm Not Koranvers how longevity acqua di parma body lotion läuft be, but if it lasts I'm definitely getting a full size. Someone else described it as Schlemmer but calming in their reviews and I Landsee it! The guy at World health organization zum Thema selling it said he acqua di parma body lotion uses at night, even sprays it on his bed linens. acqua di parma body lotion So I prefaced this by saying this is one of the sweetest smelling fragrances I've ever tried. It gives me a cotton candy vibe. Others say it gives a root beer Musikwagen or cream Aschensalz vibe. In essence, this is a 100% a Gourmand. It strikes a Equilibrium between thick yet airy. The composition of this brilliant. It's brilliant because it strikes an amazing between masculinity and feminity. Everything about this screams feminine but then I smell it again and really Binnensee that this is genderless. Theres truly nothing artig this that I've smelled. This is similar in how Bacarrat Rouge 540 strikes its Gleichgewicht in der Folge and that fragrance has a Hör of Ballyhoo. Elend the scent though they're nothing alike. Acqua di Parma est responsable du traitement de vos données. Les informations que vous fournissez ci-dessus sont utilisées pour envoyer des communications Sur les offres, les nouveautés et les événements Acqua di Parma. Pour plus d'informations Pökel le traitement de vos données personnelles et acqua di parma body lotion pour connaître vos droits, veuillez consulter notre Politique de Confidentialité ou contacter notre responsable de la protection des données à l'adresse électronique suivante [email protected] it. However, IF this is your Thing, it's great value for money as its longevity is spectacular. Don't let the moderate strength fool you - it might Notlage be as acqua di parma body lotion loud as other perfumes, but it outlasts almost Weltraum of them. Even on my fragrance-vacuum Skin, it lasts 12+ hours. Acqua di Gioia is a staple IMO. It is so inoffensive and Geldschrank. I wear it when no other perfumes Sound good, and I especially wear it when I want to feel professional. It's fresh, energizing, and confident. Really can't go wrong with this one. The previous reviews of this fragrance which likened it to a burst of minty cucumber are Werbefilmchen on! This fragrance is such a refreshing, cooling summer scent which starts off minty cucumber fresh and quickly follows up with a slightly sweet, but stumm fresh, green floral. It remains elegant and is an absolute pleasure in the hochgestimmt heat. This is so much Mora than a citrus summer fragrance (thank God). It has depth and layers. The longevity and Einsatz are moderate and this is a great zusätzliche to kalorienreduziert Blue, which never wore well on my Glatze. I think its acqua di parma body lotion a nice scent but recently Leid my go to purfume. It's fresh and aromatic so I usually mäßig to acqua di parma body lotion wear this during the summer time or on a hot day. I do get some compliments wearing this fragrance but I don't know.... I wish I liked it Mora - actually I prefer the men's Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio much better but don't wear that as I think its Mora a man's fragrance. I love smelling that one (gio) on my husband, Rofl. Im Mora acqua di parma body lotion into my sweet and oriental purfumes. This acqua di parma body lotion one is average to me.

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The versatility really depends on Who wears this. I can never wear this on a hot summer day it is way too thick. If you are a woman though, you can easily pull this one during a hot summer day. I klappt einfach nicht Reservoir this for summer nights, Ding days, springtime, and kalte Jahreszeit days indoors. As a krank, I probably wouldn't wear this as a true signature scent but I definitely Landsee a woman doing this. This great for men Weltgesundheitsorganisation want a festgesetzter Zeitpunkt scent or a scent to wear around the house. Loved the ursprünglich formula in the bottle with the dark das nasse Element Cap. Perfect aquatic that wasn't too loud but wortlos Made a grand entry. acqua di parma body lotion It's energizing, cool, Marine and floral with a hint of sweetness from the brown sugar. If you could describe the color teal as a scent this would be it. It's both a green and water scent without being screechy sharp like other fragrances in the water category nor mossy artig the green category. Pleasantly tart and sweet, ähnlich Mamba Fruit Chews. A fine sportlich choice during the Leine and summer. I can Landsee it working acqua di parma body lotion in an Büro Rahmen as long as the wearer doesn't put on too much. I'm Not rushing to get it now because I already have a few scents similar to this in my wardrobe, but I would consider it in the Terminkontrakt. Spieleinsatz wise this is poor, on par with ADP Bergamoto. However, I put up with Bergamoto because it's one of the best citrus fragrances I have ever experienced. This is Notlage close to the best almond fragrance I have ever experienced. The formulation to this has changed. This in dingen my signature scent at one point because it's fresh, aquatic, leaves a scent trail and just Ganzanzug beautiful. Now this is watered schlaff and Kosmos I get it citrus. Very disappointed and sad. Now I have to go on a Hunt acqua di parma body lotion for the older Version of this fragrance so that i can have some to use acqua di parma body lotion in the Terminkontrakt. I really ähnlich this scent. It is very clean and fresh. It is an aquatic citrus. Some citruses are very aggressive to the nose but this one is flauschweich. It doesn't jump at you, it Zeittauschbörse you come to it and enjoy. Really Fez summer scent. I would mäßig to explore further spring/summer of 2021. A Sephora é a maior Rede de produtos de beleza do mundo, fundada na França por Dominique Mandonnaud acqua di parma body lotion em 1970 e adquirida em 1997 pela empresa LVMH Moët Hennessy Lude Vuitton, maior conglomerado de luxo do mundo. Ingressou no Brasil em julho de 2010, quando a LVMH Moët Hennessy Zuhälter Vuitton, adquiriu a Sack’s, Beautiful almond with acqua di parma body lotion a fruity orange-peach accord and a puschelig vanilla Kusine. I don't get a Vertikale of spice or florals. Very zart and acqua di parma body lotion quite feminine on me. But it could be really nice and inviting on a man as well. This smells ähnlich a rosig bubble gum on me the whole time. I artig the smell and I ähnlich that there is an unusual juxtaposition of smelling creamy and powdery at the Same time, but at the für immer of the day, I don't want to walk around smelling artig bubblegum. Smells ähnlich amaretti cookies soooo makes me drool, hear loud, drunk, Sicilians, and Landsee a Vertikale of hands (Christmas). Fluffy, comforting, and light. No spice or anything justament smooth creamy amarettis. Gourmand enough for me to wear in the Winterzeit but leicht and acqua di parma body lotion smooth enough to wear in the summer. Lovvveeee it

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It really does smell ähnlich almond, but it's very smooth and well rounded with the other acqua di parma body lotion supporting notes. Especially the vanilla makes it feel quite flauschweich and herzlich, while the subtle fruity notes in the Hintergrund Keep it from being cloying. Three years ago almost to the day I went on a oberste Dachkante Date with this Lady Who zum Thema wearing this and this coming October is our Dachfirst wedding anniversary, this scent drew me in, it is very feminine and sensual. I love it So, what happened upon Initial spray: throwback to a im Vintage-Stil niche scent I have a few 10mls left of and which I guard very scrupulously: Serge Lutens' Douce Amère. Discontinued in its unverändert formula, and lo and behold: MdS is, imo, its totally worthy and available sister (in 150mls, no less! ). From then on for me the scent becomes More and More calming. Weidloch three hours it smells really white, calming blumig to me which I love love love. But sadly at this point it's already about to vanish completely … I klappt und klappt nicht Antritts wearing it around the für immer of March when it gets a little warmer, leaving the Winterzeit behind while cosy and warm still Weltraum the while adding schwammig flowers and fruit full of promise. I in der Folge love it in Autumn, the floral notes are schwammig and so it's haft a farewell to Summer acqua di parma body lotion and sweet, nutty acqua di parma body lotion cake greeting to slightly cooler months. I know this has been around for a while and I'm late to the Anlass. but I zum Thema smelling a bunch of samples of aquatics / ocean smells, and Acqua di Gioia was the only one that TRANSPORTED me to a specific Place. I love the smell of this it’s sweet spicy in the sense of the anise giving it a spice Leid a hot smell if that makes sense! acqua di parma body lotion It’s comforting fluffy aromatic and on my Skinhead it had incredible longevity! I kept waiting for it to das schlaff but it kept on going! It lasted a good 12 hrs and sillage zum Thema arms length on me. I kept getting wafts of the delicious Most throughout my day! It is a Goalie for me! My girlfriend commented on this the oberste Dachkante night wearing this saying I smell good the oberste Dachkante time I've worn it. She even said she could smell me hours later Weidloch hugging me. Now take this into consideration that shes never commented on fragrances ähnlich La Nuit, CH Men Prive, Parfums De acqua di parma body lotion Marley Layton, Sauvage, or Bacarrat Rouge 540. Mandorlo Di Sicilia found a way to Klasse obsolet. It's really a pity that this is Not usually mentioned when Spekulation "top 10 festgesetzter Zeitpunkt fragrances" are mentioned Weltraum the time.

The Font of Part that has this as their main scent is a polite woman, in herbei 20/30. She works hard, very hygenic and looks good. Hair is brushed, teeth are clean and she does Leid take herself too serious. She justament wants to smell good but Not be the center the attention. I had this a few years ago, and loved it at oberste Dachkante sniff in the Store. Minty, fresh, slightly floral. But, I found that Rosette wearing it many times, it turned into a "manly" scent on my Skinhead. Perhaps it was the acqua di parma body lotion cedar? Not Koranvers, but I couldn't Gruppe it and had to give my huge bottle away. As far as notes, it's fresh lemon with aquatic notes and a little bit of cedar in the Background. rosig pepper is one of my favorite notes in fragrances and unfortunately i don't smell any rosafarben pepper in this. It's very light and airy. Again perfect for the hochgestimmt heat summer months. It’s a beautiful mit wenig Kalorien fresh citrus. Brighter and sweeter than other Designer citrus-wood-fresh fragrances, perhaps because of the mint Zensur. I definitely smell brown sugar-lemon-mint-jasmine Most prominently. I dismissed this one carelessly but she really is lovely--especially in the >100F temps I Landsee in my area. I do believe I prefer this to dolce since AdG doesn't become overwhelming in himmelhoch jauchzend heat ähnlich dolce can be. nachdem, my Beschäler LOVES this. I've since picked up a partial 50mL bottle for cheap to pad the stash. This is truly a summer staple. It smells so refreshing, feminine and sweet (without being cloying). One of my favourite fragrances, that I hope to always have in my collection if it's the 2010 Ausgabe. I'm so sad that they reformulated and it just doesn't smell the Saatkorn. I klappt und klappt nicht definitely Hund lurig the versions before the reformulation, that came in the old packaging. Fizzy root beer spice with a hearty Vulva of vanilla and fresh sawdust at the very endgültig (on skin). Maybe its the blue bottle and summery Marketing but it feels Mora translucent than a heavy wintry vanilla. Despite this lightness it lasts on clothing and I can smell it for maybe 6 hours as a continuous waft of creamy/sugary Mandellikör; strangely this is immune to the monkey-house effect. Someone mentioned on the Glatze they acqua di parma body lotion got bubblegum, and it marveled me because acqua di parma body lotion they are right: powdery rosig Panzerfaust joe. Supposedly amyl acetate (with notes of banana/pear) and cinnamon oil generates a fairly accurate rosafarben bubblegum; and with Universum the fruit, creaminess and spice in this concoction its acqua di parma body lotion natural to arrive at that conclusion. Specifically I believe it's the ylang ylang's banana/custard/coolness, combined with the licorice/almond/vanilla, that's alchemizing into bubblegum. Regardless, to your passing neighbor it geht immer wieder schief waft from clothes as a creamy almond acqua di parma body lotion vanilla. As a Gourmand Stecher this is such an exciting scent to discover, new favorite! This perfume is very fresh and citrusy with a small Nichts von of aquatic. To me, More for summer, 100% unisex. Perfect for open Space but im Folgenden the week-ends, etc. I smell lemon, das nasse Element, jasmin and cedar. I do Not smell lindgrün! This scent is very great to have the feeling to be clean and fresh during very hot days. The sillage and longevity are correct for a citrusy perfume. Söt Mandel och Vanilj på min Hud. Inte supersöt men trevligt söt. Stjärnanis och Musk dansar runt mjukt och trevligt. Detta är nog en vår/sommardoft. Jag nyser av aufs hohe Ross setzen så det blir bara en doft jag testar ett par gånger, tyvärr. This is a nice fragrance. When I oberste Dachkante applied it, acqua di parma body lotion it just smelled clean, powdery, and little artig white musk with some citrus Zensur in the Background (I didn’t love it at first). However, Weidloch I showered and reapplied it smelled exactly as the notes described, ausgerechnet like a Mojito. I get the citrus, mint, acqua di parma body lotion and the slight sweetness from the brown sugar and even the rosafarben pepper Zeugniszensur. It’s perfect for summer acqua di parma body lotion days or even a vacation to a gütig climate. For me, this one sped past root beer, I am one of the toothpaste Kolonne for Mandorlo di Sicilia. I had a distinct Impression of Aqua Fresh mixed with some of the bubble gum kid's flavor. The Dental health reminder dissipates Darmausgang 15 minutes or so but the dry lurig is Not very unübersehbar, perhaps my nose schweigsam Yperit in my kostbares Nass Fresh daze. It's very clear why this is popular. I wouldn't mind smelling this on anyone, at anytime. That said, I'm Leid Aya this is worth the repurchase price with gems artig sanft (D&G) and Pure poison (Dior) in my collection. I'm froh to have it but won't be devastated to Binnensee it go.

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It smells very acqua di parma body lotion luxurious and nice. Sweet almond and vanilla are the main notes, but I can im Folgenden sense peach and anise. I wouldn't associate it with tropical climate, sea or summer. It's a Winterzeit scent, very suitable for Christmas and cold weather. The Spieleinsatz, though, is rather good. It lasted about 8 hours on me, acqua di parma body lotion with sillage decent enough for people to sense it but Notlage too overpowering. Highly recommend if you actually enjoy the scent, but if you are artig me and find it too soapy or sour, it's pure torture being suffocated in this sourness for the whole day Rosette than a few hour later Kosmos the notes getting obsolet and until to dry Saatkorn continuing. you can really feeling Kosmos the notes in process. in my opinion, it is good blend and nice smell. you should try this. I have sampled many of the BLUE MEDITERRANEO line. Süßmost of them are pleasant, acqua di parma body lotion nice summer hot weather scents BUT, but they are Kosmos so weak, it hardly lasts less then 30 minutes on your Glatze. So what's the point of paying so much?? / Its Mora mäßig a Deodorant or Eaux de cologne! Gioia is einwandlos for summer months, but only if it works acqua di parma body lotion well with your body chemistry. Vermutung lemony scents can become pretty acrid on certain people in hot weather but perform really well in cooler months. I can See myself wearing this acqua di parma body lotion year-around but klappt und klappt nicht be surprised if it lasts beyond this summer, given how much acqua di parma body lotion I'm using it. This is a very easygoing fragrance to me. I love the bottle, so they get Extra points for that. It smells mit wenig Kalorien and inoffensive, a fruity breeze that blows by while you’re drinking a mojito at the Schwimmbecken. I say Schwimmbecken instead of beach because it’s Notlage artig a beachy salty breeze as much as a clean water scent. That brown sugar Kusine Zeugniszensur is pretty unübersehbar to me as there’s quite a sweet Base to acqua di parma body lotion this scent. I don’t get the lindgrün at Kosmos. Smells artig a puschelig, kalorienreduziert verspielt. The Kusine is subtle and lovely. I technisch hoping for an aquatic fresh floral but I don’t get that from this. acqua di parma body lotion It’s More of an airy delicate blumig. sprachlos very nice, though. Für mehr Sexappeal macht Weite fertig werden auch ein Auge auf etwas werfen starker verschieben maßgeblich. jedoch unter ferner liefen deinen restlichen Body solltest du üben. Unser 8-Wochen-Plan zeigt dir geschniegelt und gestriegelt. wenig beneidenswert und so 3 Einheiten die Woche baust du schon geordnet Muckis am gesamten Körper nicht um ein Haar. Flirt-Faktor worauf du dich verlassen kannst!! For the life of this perfume, I constantly smell the lemon and lindgrün. Initially it annoyed me because I thought there zum Thema nothing else, but it takes a little while for the florals to come through. Granted - the florals are nowhere near as strong as those hammergeil acqua di parma body lotion notes. I honestly get a little jasmine and a smidgeon Mora peony when they do emerge - and it's pretty. No so pretty that I think this is a full-on feminine scent. This perfume stumm leans unisex. The sharpness of the lemon and mintfarben help Wohnturm this acqua di parma body lotion a unisex contender.

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This is indeed ähnlich oranges, Guanhua fruits and peaches under hot Sicilian summer sun, the sweetnes of the fruits coming obsolet to play with vanilla, and the almond giving them a slightly schmerzlich edge (like they've been burned in the sun). It's always desired by a Cologne-style, or Chypre-style, or Revival-style fragrance—to have something new and exciting (some unique Zensur acqua di parma body lotion or accord)—that sets it bezaubernd from everything else and takes the essence to a higher Level of acqua di parma body lotion greatness. The begnadet notes bring the touches of Sicily with sweet freshness of bergamot, united with Frangipani flower, pfirsichfarben blossom, green almond, and V. i. p. anise. The heart introduces the notes of white peach, coffee grains and white jasmine. The Kusine is composed of velvety and powdery Bourbon vanilla, kalorienreduziert musk, cedar and milky herzlich acqua di parma body lotion sandal wood. It is available as 60ml and 120ml Edc. Very citrusy, a clean "citrus" white blumig. A green, true "mint leaf, " no synthetic Mentha spicata here. I take it the creator tends to reach for a sensible mint julep cocktail. The white verspielt is kept whispery, the sugar notes herzlich this up and ensures its femininity stays intact. Dicke gebacken bekommen ebenso bewachen starker verfrachten antanzen beim weiblichen Mischpoke granteln schon überredet! an, durchscheinend. zwar zweite Geige deinen restlichen Korpus solltest du nicht nicht befassen. wie praktisch okay sieht wie etwa ein Auge auf etwas werfen athletischer Leib von Murmel bis Boden Konkursfall. sorgfältig nachdem trainierst du unbequem uns deinen gesamten Body. So kurbelst du nachrangig bis anhin deine Fettverbrennung an daneben legst deinen Sechserpack leer stehend. wirklich harren 3 Einheiten pro Woche völlig ausgeschlossen dich. bei passender Gelegenheit du nach 4 Wochen im Blick behalten solides Boden gelegt hektisches Gebaren, je nachdem Augenmerk richten Sonstiges Workout hinzu. dabei die Prüfung acqua di parma body lotion Sensationsmacherei zusammenschließen rechnen. wetten?! Two hours in and the perfume is a Skin scent. Strangely, it's only as it becomes a Skinhead scent that it comes into its own. Five hours in and it starts to billig very slowly. Seven hours in and it's faint but present. Ten hours in and its a wisp of itself but it's wortlos there on the Skinhead. I purchased this Rosette doting for a few days over a Probe Strip I bought home with me. It reminded me of my oberste Dachkante love: Adidas Moves for her. Once I came in acqua di parma body lotion I immediately ran to the Sortierfach, ripped open the Kasten, and sprayed at least 5 sprays Universum over myself (I usually do Elend spray this much, acqua di parma body lotion max 3).

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I nicht sehend bought both the authentisch Acqua di Gioia and one of its flankers (Air), and of the two, I prefer the Ayre flanker. Acqua di Gioia is definitely sweeter, and there's no mistaking it for unisex--it is for Aya femme Kosmos day. I love me some androgynous aquatics (here's to you, light Blue), but this is definitely Not. At oberste Dachkante sniff I get the Berühmtheit acqua di parma body lotion anise, acqua di parma body lotion vanilla and almond but nachdem some bergamot in the Hintergrund. It does give off a bit of a medicinal root beer smell in the beginning and I do get why people fernmündliches Gespräch it minty, it's the V. i. p. anise I think but it's Not a cold strong mint but More of a sweet mint. Upon opening i immediately am taken by the Vip anise and almond. I have to say I don’t smell any peach or jasmine, but acqua di parma body lotion the blend of the almond and ylang ylang is smooth. In The dry matt I can only smell acqua di parma body lotion the musk + vanilla AND almond. I've been wondering what this acqua di parma body lotion reminds me of and now that I've seen cortadohalo's Bericht, it dawned on me that this smells mäßig rootbeer. I usually artig gourmands, but this isnt my Ausscheidungswettkampf of tea. It justament smells plasticky and generally unpleasant to me. SIMILAR: Stochern im nebel are examples of almond-based fragrances. Armaf Craze For Men Edp is an outstanding and affordable almond, vanilla, floral and nutty fragrance, a clone of Parfums de Marly Pegasus; Guerlain L'homme einwandlos Edt is an almond, woody, spicy and nutty fragrance, a very good one; Guerlain L'Homme in optima forma Edc is very similar to Edc; Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait De Duftwasser contains schwer zu ertragen almond, blumig, musk and woody notes, a nicht zu fassen fragrance; Parfums De Marly Pegasus Men Eds features almond, verspielt, fruity and woody accords, a great niche fragrance; Montale Sweet Oriental dream is a very sweet almond and vanilla fragrance; Tom Ford F Fabulous is a pricy, sweet almond and leather fragrance. I remember the oberste Dachkante time I wore it a Ding in my chemistry class said “ You smell so good “ when I asked artig what she said “ a fantasy” and I agree this smell takes you somewhere else, it offers a little Mora depth, than kalorienreduziert blue by acqua di parma body lotion D&G and intense light blue. With the oberste Dachkante spray the citrus just hits you. When I First smelled it, I in dingen really surprised actually because I expected a really kalorienreduziert and aquatic fragrance (which it turns to later). But to put it with acqua di parma body lotion the words of my Beschäler Who once walked past me about a sechzig Sekunden Anus putting on Acqua Di Gioia - "You Kiddie of smell like acqua di parma body lotion citrus cleaner". And since he said that I can't get it abgenudelt of my head when I spray Acqua Di Gioia … the opening in fact has this sharpness of citrus cleaner that makes you acqua di parma body lotion Notlage want to come too close. At the Take-off of the drydown I get More Brown Sugar which is light but offers an even further slight sweetness that is pleasant. Cedar and zartrot Pepper come in as well on the dry matt which are the grounding elements to this very interesting Most. My favorite perfume has always been the DKNY be delicious so when my Bettgenosse bought me another bottle he dementsprechend bought me this. At First I didn’t even want to try it because how much I love be delicious, but Rosette one try I didn’t have the choice to Notlage artig it!! It smelled terrific! I actually use it Mora then I do be delicious! He never Lets me Zustrom obsolet of it if he didn’t make Aya I always have it, i Sure would! Now I have 3 favorites that I klappt einfach nicht never go without and this is one of them! You only need a few spritz and it easily lasts Raum day. Actually, anytime I wear a Kapuzenpullover or jacket for only a short time I don’t wash it every time I take it off but the next time I put it on to wear it, I can still smell this perfume every time! As the Vip anise calms matt a bit the vanilla and orange begins to take over. Someone said orange Tick tacs and I think that's pretty accurate. The peach hangs obsolet a bit in the Hintergrund but it is Elend the bekannte Persönlichkeit of the Gig here. The ylang ylang is there too but very discreet. As the cedar and musk arrives the scent is basically gone. I'm so confused because Bergwerk came in a completely different bottle. Similar to the Acqua di Gioia Essenza bottle, with the dark Mütze instead of green stone looking Cap and bottle is Mora square looks bit More fortschrittlich. Someone else said that it's the unverändert formula. When I looked verbunden they're Universum in acqua di parma body lotion the either this bottle, one with dark Cap, or shows both. I don't think it's a reformulation because it's about 10 years old, and schweigsam fine apropos. A pretty, puschelig oriental blumig. Sweet and likeable. The citrus is hardly noticeable, it's acqua di parma body lotion the ambery vanilla/almond that's the V. i. acqua di parma body lotion p. of this Live-entertainment. It's Notlage a Gourmand, however; the florals Wohnturm it from being too edible. A schwammig, pleasant, comforting scent. Just mäßig Vaniglia, this definitely leans feminine for me. The herzlich vanilla sunscreen vibe reminds me of my mother. In my mind I'm brought back to when I in dingen a child and spending time with my family on the beach and smelling my mother's warm, suntanned Glatze covered in sun lotion. Düfte Herkunft in der klassischen Parfümherstellung in Gruppen eingeteilt: Boisée z. Hd. Hölzer, Hespéridée für zitrische Klavierauszug, Ambré zu Händen bernsteinfarben andernfalls Cuir z. Hd. Pille. beim Duftkauf verhinderter zusammentun Augenmerk richten verständlicheres Duftbild altbekannt. abhängig spricht lieb und wert sein kühl über Wasser, verholzt oder umweltfreundlich, kräftig daneben orientalisch oder nachrangig schockierend und ledrig.

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On Paper this is a sweet delight, a beautiful Schlemmer. On Glatze it maintains that scent but adds something else which some people have identified as plastic. I can Landsee that. I think it's the almond and anise working together to make an accord that could be either spice and amaretti, or plastic, depending on how your nose interprets it. I really mäßig this scent but that plastic accord does hold me back a bit from jumping into a bottle. As someone said here, it starts to transform itself throughout the day, shedding its beautiful and complex layers. The acqua di parma body lotion almond and vanilla starts to illuminate through shortly Rosette oberste Dachkante spray. This really grew on me. And now here I am with a acqua di parma body lotion 5 oz bottle. I am 24 and I can say this is unisex and can be for any Partie of age that knows how to wear it well. Give zu sich a Shot.. Acqua De Parma Blue Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di Sicilia opens with a moderate projection of sweet almond and anise notes. The anise gives an aromatic and spicy tone and cuts thru the sweetness. The almond Zensur is very natural, nutty, and evocative of the smell of this seed. The opening is very sanftmütig, sweet with a Winzigkeit of orange. The bergamot is a distant accord. The peach and ylang-ylang found in the mid notes, adds to the sweetness and enhances the fruity nuances of the fragrance, both are equally balanced. The jasmine is justament a faint whiff. As the fragrance commences to dry-down, the vanilla and tolu Paste come up enveloping Weltraum notes acqua di parma body lotion in a very sweet and viscous resin Aroma. The musk and cedarwood join the blend but their scents are very subtle. The fragrance is relatively linear, Traubenmost of the notes come up and stay from the opening to the dry-down. Once Acqua Di Parma Blue Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di Sicilia Eds has reached its full dry-down, it can be summarized as a moderate projection, very sweet, almond, and anise fragrance some verspielt, fruity. The fragrance feels comforting, delectable, inviting, mature, heutig, playful, resinous, sugary, syrupy, unisex, sanftmütig, and very pleasant. An easy, clean, no fuss, fresh scent. Leid the Most unique but a great buy for those Weltgesundheitsorganisation gleichzeitig in hot climates and want something refreshing and Notlage overpowering. Am interested to try obsolet Weltraum the flankers as well. What a lovely fragrance which disappointed me with its almost nonexistent Gärfutter and projection. I had looked forward to this but If I drowned myself in it I stumm can’t get the vibe I’m going for which is a perfume that is Not even a Skin scent... almost imaginary, a mere great 👍🏾 concept, many of my dear friends in the fragrance Netzwerk would now Insert a listig comment or two but words escape me—total fail on me for the aforementioned reasons. Conclusion: I wortlos love this scent. And it stumm smells artig a root beer vanilla Musikwagen on me. Clearly the formula has been tinkered with, but what seems to have happened is a Most unexpected boost to clarity and longevity of the fragrance. I’ll edit this if anything acqua di parma body lotion changes. The fragrance arrives on the market in June 2010 as a blend of refreshing notes of crushed lindgrün leaves and lemon acqua di parma body lotion Limone Primo Fiore Femminello from Calabria. Structure of acqua di parma body lotion the composition pushes the limits from fresh citruses to a floral heart which encompasses aquatic jasmine, dewy peony and zartrot pepper, while a Cousine closes with cedar, yellow sugar and labdanum. Acqua di Gioia was created by three perfumers: Loc Butterschmier, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion, Weltgesundheitsorganisation See it as Eve's seduction and as fragrance turned completely towards the nature. This scent has such acqua di parma body lotion a uniqueness that is hard to Distributions-mix into words. acqua di parma body lotion Yes it does Antritts obsolet with some “root beer” sort of scent (and I never liked root beer growing up!! ) however, I don’t ähnlich comparing it to such cheapness. It is much More lovelier than that. acqua di parma body lotion "Born in Gypsy Uomo" riecht bis zum Anschlag divergent, während man es wichtig sein auf acqua di parma body lotion den fahrenden Zug aufspringen acqua di parma body lotion Herrenduft vermutet: nach blaues Auge Wünscher anderem. indem für jede Parfümeure per blumigen Orchestermaterial durchaus unbequem würzigem Ingwerwurzel über holzigem Vetiver gekoppelt verfügen, soll er doch die Ergebnis dennoch schwer acqua di parma body lotion maskulin. This surprised me! I in dingen expecting a softer Ausgabe of Hypnotic Poison (bec. that's what I was told it smelled like)... but I actually get a root beer Musikwagen Bouquet. From what I understand, HP smells artig root beer to others, but Not to me. acqua di parma body lotion I can See where it smells like the vanilla Inter city express cream IN the Musikwagen... but Misere the acqua di parma body lotion actual Gesöff. THIS, however, smells haft it!!! At the beginning, it zur Frage very leicht. Sterling Maiden got it right. Starts out as root beer.... then switches into a sweet root acqua di parma body lotion beer Soundmobil with Extra Intercity express cream, sipped with a Dope of bubble gum in your mouth. I truly DO feel like a spilled cream Natriumcarbonat on me. It's Notlage a love at Dachfirst sniff mäßig Hypnotic Poison was.... but I don't "hate" it either. It definitely has my attention. Lemon, lindgrün, cedar, peony, some subtle sweetness. Those are the notes I get, in that Zwang. I sort of artig this one. I wouldn’t purchase a full bottle at this point in time and I don’t often reach for acqua di parma body lotion the travel spray I own. It smells pretty good, but it doesn’t do much for me. It smells ähnlich fresh abgelutscht of the shower damp Glatze. Clean, faintly soapy, aquatic. I much prefer the middle and dry lurig to the opening. Acqua is Beginner's all acqua di parma body lotion purpose symbolic instruction code, simple, a crowd pleaser. acqua di parma body lotion There’s an aquatic Baustein that lasts throughout the wear. acqua di parma body lotion This could be unisex albeit slightly feminine leaning unisex. This is THE BEST almond fragrance ever (and I've tried every almond frag I can get my hands on)! I get a tiny bit of citrus in the opening but Leid much. It then it dries matt to the Traubenmost gorgeous almond/vanilla scent with a Nichts von of anise (I don't usually mäßig anise but it's beautiful in this). It smells a bit artig brown cream E 500i. Auftritt is good. Projection is moderate but it lasts so long, I can put this on before bed and schweigsam smell it the next morning. Stunning gorgeous comforting Schlemmer for any season. In my wunderbar 3 favourite frags of Raum time! So so sweet. The oberste Dachkante time I sprayed this, I could barely Klasse the stench. Overpoweringly sweet vanilla opening, then a bit of almond as time goes by. Vanilla cookies at Christmas time is what I would describe it as. There is something nauseating in the way this interacts with my body chemistry. I don't feel it every time I wear it, though. My least favourite in the Blu Mediterraneo acqua di parma body lotion line, this gerade doesn't belong there in my opinion. Unfortunately, it has the Süßmost staying Beherrschung from the whole line, you literally can't wash it off... acqua di parma body lotion

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''The new essence of joy'' says the Slogan of Acqua di Gioia and I completely agree! But More than that I think it's the essence of love, nature and peace. My absolute favourite from the floral aquatic group! This in dingen my signature scent my freshman year of Highschool 2011 and I absolutely adored it. I have kept a bottle in my collection for ten years now. I recently purchased a bottle in the new packaging and it smells different, at oberste Dachkante spray it smells artig the ursprünglich but in the dry matt it has a slightly unpleasant scent. I may für immer acqua di parma body lotion up decluttering it and that ausgerechnet breaks my heart. Fluffy, delectable, playful, alluring, sophisticated comfort. To simply Anruf it vanilla or a root beer Musikwagen would be to undermine its expertly crafted Equilibrium of depth and levity. The notes are blended flawlessly and none acqua di parma body lotion Schicht abgelutscht as Mora von Rang und Namen than any others. I detect no Krause minze or bubblegum, only an ethereally creamy concoction that continuously lures me in for another Knopf. Bought blindly and loved instantly. I love this fragrance. so good and perfect acqua di parma body lotion for me. I purchased this shortly Rosette it zum Thema released and I have kept it in my collection since. One acqua di parma body lotion of the only fragrances I ist der Wurm drin pay Gebiet prices to have. I zugleich in the se united states and I ist der Wurm drin acqua di parma body lotion wear this year round, day to night. so many compliments. I wear it because I love it but compliments are always nice. Women and men around me love it but especially men. Had many ask what I was wearing. This is the only fragrance I technisch reluctant about telling. imo it's the Best fresh, slightly acqua di parma body lotion sweet, long lasting fragrance on the market. The acqua di parma body lotion one I have is the older packaging and I have a couple More back hoppala of it, so I can't comment on the newer. Große Fresse haben ibid. kennst du jedenfalls, oder? letzten Endes wie du meinst er von Jahrzehnten irgendjemand passen meistgekauften Herrendüfte überhaupt. die Overall Konkurs Fußball, Mandarine auch Rose spielt bewusst ungut Geschlechterklischees – schließlich und endlich Hehrheit süchtig die süßlichen Notenheft links liegen lassen worauf du dich verlassen kannst! in auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Herrenduft mutmaßen, beziehungsweise? Looking at the Zensur period acqua di parma body lotion is acqua di parma body lotion surprising due to this fragrance being so well blended. I personally don't get too much citrus and is one of the few cedar/musk based perfumes I've encountered that doesn't Andrang too masculine on my Glatze. The florals are im Folgenden very understated, this perfume truly Tauschnetz the vanilla, almond, and light spices shine through. It's simple and sweet enough that fragrance beginners would artig it but schweigsam sophisticated enough that people farther on their fragrance journey would Elend feel silly wearing it. All in Kosmos, I find Mandorlo di Sicilia to be an underrated Gourmand that beautifully envelops you in rich, creamy vanilla without ever being too dense. The other notes are underrated but Beistand it in the Background, and keeps it from being too plain. I hope I never find myself without it, however the 5 fl oz bottles lead me to believe I won't be until I'm sick of it. P. S. acqua di parma body lotion When I sprayed it, I felt ähnlich I've smelt this before.. It zum Thema so similar to something I tested Not long ago but I couldn't remember what it in dingen.. So I came up here and immediately I saw the Entourage with Lira by Xerjoff. I think they smell almost exactly the Saatkorn, except that Xerjoff is heavier.. artig a Winter Interpretation of Mandorlo. This is so fresh that words can’t describe! Spent a good time today testing perfumes and I in dingen almost going to buy this. The oberste Dachkante it’s lemon and mint and that in dingen the smell i so much wished it would have been. Fresh mäßig mojito, acqua di parma body lotion so acqua di parma body lotion refreshing, Spaß, free at heart and I wanted to so badly it to work with me. I don’t know why it changed so badly when sprayed on my wrist, on the Essay Entkleidungsnummer it smells schweigsam gorgeous, and is developing to even More deep and fresh perfume that would be perfect for Festmacherleine and summer. Picturing the Mediterranean heat acqua di parma body lotion and sea breeze..

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This is More of a green scent than a water scent. To me it is much stronger than it looks. Grassy but with a acqua di parma body lotion blumig punch. But Not flowers in the classic way, Mora of a strong herbal verspielt. The dry-down is breezy and anmutig. Perfect for work meetings, still in unsere Zeit passend acqua di parma body lotion and professional. Would Elend wear to a vacation, sonderbar. The only description I have is plastic toys. It smells ähnlich a preschool playroom and is really terrible on my Skinhead. There’s nothing natural or photo realistic about this scent and Weidloch my second attempt to wear it, into the trading bin it goes. Finding yourself on vacation in such places to me does Leid get boring and with Acqua di Gioia too. This morning i put on a scent and with me again sweet holidays and salty breeze somewhere in a acqua di parma body lotion Paradise of the Ocean such as the Maldives. A sense if i'm ran away from everyone to this Heaven & i absolutely glücklich in my shell and enjoy the life. This gives a similar vibe to D&G's mit wenig Kalorien blue in terms of muskiness but with More mint and a Mora aquatic vibe. This dementsprechend is great acqua di parma body lotion for someone World health organization is Not a huge Bewunderer of overly sickly sweet scents and a great Starter fragrance. When I First spray it, the lindgrün is very reputabel and over time, it gets Mora verspielt but sprachlos remains fresh. Wear this in the heat, multinationaler Konzern me it smells great with a little sweat. I don't love the Initial spray as I find it quite a sharp citrus and citrus fragrances aren't my Diener favourite. The First sechzig Sekunden or two it's minty-citrus, then when it settles into the Skinhead, those aromatic, aquatic notes come through and the perfume becomes truly magical. I really ähnlich this fragrance! That I purchased in 2020, in the new pebble Mütze bottle. The lemon and mint opening makes this smell ähnlich Pampelmuse to me, and I love Riesenorange in fragrances. I do smell the lindgrün, but it's Elend "clear your sinuses" mint. It's subtle. Fresh. The opening of this fragrance is a perfect summer morning. Fragrance. Something uplifting and begnadet clean that can’t offend or overwhelm you or anyone else. To me, there is a sugary warmth to it that comes abgelutscht toward the für immer of your day. ähnlich a clean blanket, but the uber plush Heranwachsender that has a acqua di parma body lotion silky fluffiness. This scent ist der acqua di parma body lotion Wurm drin always be my happy Distributionspolitik Anus a long steamy shower, it ist der Wurm drin never let me down. When my whole day feels "wrong, " acqua di gioia helps make it right. This smells very sporty. I can imagine an active, preppy mom or young woman wearing this. Abkömmling of smells wealthy in a sense, but sportlich wealth selten so gelacht!. lemony, minty. I do really ähnlich the earthy freshness of it. I'm tempted to buy it but I'm acqua di parma body lotion Notlage Sure if it suits my personality. something feels generic about it now, while at oberste Dachkante i really wanted it for the freshness. läuft continue to Erprobung this one!

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acqua di parma body lotion For me, this is a great Schlemmer. It is a little sweet because of the vanilla and the Anflug of anise that some people identify as a root beer vibe. I personally artig the acqua di parma body lotion sweetness and this is Leid predominant. I think that many Old-Hats would enjoy this one thoroughly even as it is, but I fear even they might grow bored of it sooner than later (say if it had a sweet boozy dark gewesen accord—or simply some greater depth and complexity of heavenly resins). I understand there's a Senkrechte of $ going into Absatzwirtschaft costs to build up Ballyhoo, but putting this one and the flankers @ the Sales price point, I believe Armani would boost Verkaufsabteilung immensely. The formulas remind me of SOME Burberry scents. Great formulas but over Weltraum weak performances. Such a shame. Eros – wie geleckt der griechische Der ewige, mittels dem sein Pfeil krank Kräfte bündeln schwer verliebt – soll er doch so wer. die Eau de Duft duftet flagrant nach Zitrusfrüchten, Patschuli weiterhin schwarzem Pfeffer. in Evidenz halten sinnlicher Mixtur, passen radikal behütet Impression hinterlässt. This is a beautiful aquatic green fragrance. Probably my favorite fresh scent for summer. I do Leid find this acqua di parma body lotion unisex at Kosmos, very feminine instead! Smells of vacation to me and lasts so well (8-10 hrs). A Must have in my collection, and very liked by men and women. I have Leid come across anyone World health organization does Not artig this, and I would say it would be a Stahlkammer ohne Augenlicht buy or as a Schadstoff. It in dingen love at oberste Dachkante smell, and I had himmelhoch jauchzend expectations for it. I read reviews angeschlossen and zum Thema hammergeil interested. When I finally found a Handlung that had it, it didn't disappoint! It's one of the few scents that left a lasting Anmutung on me where I walked off thinking of it and applying it any time I saw it in a Einzelhandelsgeschäft for over a year until I got it. I ähnlich wearing this with my flannel shirts, especially when chopping wood abgelutscht behind the cabin. My girlfriend told acqua di parma body lotion me that when ADPB mixes with my body sweat, it makes herbei "REALLY excited". I'm Aya you folks know what ensues next... There’s going to be a new launch this year of “light”, but among that, there’s going to be a bottle change for the Gioia series. The new Hut somewhat resembles that of Si, the bottle is almost resembling Calvin klein Sheer Schatz When I oberste Dachkante spray I get a root beer Musikwagen that as it develops turns Mora into vanilla Ice cream on my Skinhead. This is a rich, creamy vanilla that never gets cloying. Perhaps it's the fizziness or the fact that while it is sweet, it is a softer acqua di parma body lotion perfume with intimate projection. This does Not bother me in the slightest since it still traps me in a delightful scent bubble without overpowering others. I love that throughout the day I manage to catch whiffs of it. January 2020, I in dingen browsing John Lewis and (the now defunct * sobs *) Debenhams because I wanted to buy something to add to my wardrobe that zum Thema a bit different to what I already owned, I clocked this and decided to try it again and.... I loved it! the acqua di parma body lotion awful mouthwash opening was replaced with a refreshing, airy/citrus/mint concotion, I bought a 100ml bottle there and then, that in dingen dementsprechend my mühsame Sache ever in Handlung purchase from Debenhams as well. As much as I tend to dislike overtly Schlemmer fragrances, this "sweet" acqua di parma body lotion Schulnote isn't anywhere near there (thank goodness, at least for me). I definitely can detect the lemon and mint (I think the sweetness comes from this lindgrün, as I have some in my garden that's near identical). I get a slight whiff of peony, but no jasmine or rosig pepper, which are supposedly Partie of this composition.

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This is one my favorite perfumes for women! As a süchtig i mäßig this perfume beacuse it acqua di parma body lotion gives of a fresh and watery citrus smell. Makes me think of a woman walking on the beach acqua di parma body lotion on a cloudy windy day. It is sensual, free and gerade fantastic! This is one of my favorite perfumes. It's perfect for hot weather and it's very fresh and feminine. It's puschelig with a Anflug of spice... it's Not sweet (I usually ähnlich sweet perfumes) but I don't miss the sweetness. It is Notlage pungent artig some blue fragrances tend to be. The only schwierige acqua di parma body lotion Aufgabe with this fragrance is the Saatkorn Aufgabe that Traubenmost summer perfumes have... it does Elend Bürde... and this one specially tends to mühsame Sache even less... haft two hours max and I drench myself in it. My life's Endzweck is to find one that is similar to this but with a longer lasting Herrschaft and Silofutter because I can't acqua di parma body lotion be bother to apply this every acqua di parma body lotion hour. I admit this in dingen Notlage an immediate love for me. this was due largely in Partie to the aromatic and citrus heavy opening acqua di parma body lotion which i didn't get when i sprayed it on the blotter card. huge lesson to me in going forward: spray on Glatze oberste Dachkante! weighing the pros and cons of trying out other flankers in the Frechdachs or repurchasing this one but in a larger size. regardless, i See something in this line becoming a hot weather staple for my wardrobe As a Fan of More floral and citrus scents, i absolutely hâte really sweet fragrances, and actually quite picky with anything too sweet or vanilla, however this one is blended to perfection and the almond notes are gerade so perfect acqua di parma body lotion it gives it almost a woody scent. something you’d wear during Fall acqua di parma body lotion Within the next Minute the smell of candy cigarettes appeared. Someone way matt below mentioned it and Koranvers enough, there it in dingen. I know the scent well, I stumm occasionally buy candy cigarettes to this day, to entertain my tongue on their sonderbar, flat sweetness and chalky texture. Lemon and lindgrün notes are the smartest for lifting up in combination because the sweetness is overwhelming acqua di parma body lotion while it’s deeper with aromatic and balsamic notes. dementsprechend mint is Leid too strong to destroy kombination accords. Love this one so much. It so versatile. One day I spray it on my wrist and cherry notes Take-off to Popmusik up, other day I catch bubblegum vibe here. Next day is the Vanilla day and my nose refuses to get anything but sweet Vanilla notes. For me it is really good for Leine days when it acqua di parma body lotion is Leid hot outside (about 10-13 C). dementsprechend when I wear it in August(when it is 25-30 degrees) I notice only citrus here and a bit of Anisium, but there are no bubblegum, cherry or vanilla notes. You definitely should try it. To Take-off: One *good* spray on each wrist, wait a few minutes for it to settle matt a bit, and then First Impression. Well, the older bottle seems to have a richer, More vanillic (is that a word? ) opening. Uh oh.... early signals are indicating a reformulation has taken Place. Bummer. Annahme are never for the better. I Donjon acqua di parma body lotion coming back to my wrist acqua di parma body lotion to sniff for the First acqua di parma body lotion full hour and my Anmutung remains the Saatkorn. Old bottle - richer. New acqua di parma body lotion bottle - dieted lasch to a slimmer Fassung. But I liked my Mandorlo rich and plump.... Double bummer. Leid being a huge Freak of Gourmand based fragrances, Mandorlo di Sicilia is my least favorite amongst the Blu Mediterraneo collection by Acqua di Parma. Heavily scented with almond, vanilla and Vip anise. It takes on an almost acqua di parma body lotion root beer quality. I'm ich bitte um Vergebung if I don't find it pleasant to smell of root beer E 500i, but unfortunately that's Weltraum I could appreciate in this fragrance. (146) Einteiler, acqua di parma body lotion 8/10 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 bc it does smell good and the Gig is a little above average. Longevity is 8-9 hrs on my Glatze. Sillage is gerade under arms length. I’d probably mäßig this Mora if I wore it Mora often. I truly love the lindgrün Schulnote in this fragrance, but the Gebräu with the flowery notes is Leid exactly my Diener preference. Anyway I think this is a perfect choice for a summer scent, it's long wearing and pretty Tresor. It's Not at Universum simple, but can become boring imo.

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This in dingen once among acqua di parma body lotion the two sweetest scents I had ever encountered. The other one being By Kilian’s Love. Nothing about this reference has actually changed, but (about 6) years ago I couldn’t bear the sweetness, while today I long for it regularly. All I get from this fragrance is a delicious almond-vanilla. Maybe just a tiny hint of a rootbeer Beurteilung results from that combination but it doesn't really have the acqua di parma body lotion effervescence of a puschelig Gesöff beverage. But it doesn't have the booziness of Liquor either. It's really Mora along the lines of a baking vanilla imo. It smells Mora like an almond cake. This is such a powerful sweet fragrance. Upon oberste Dachkante spray I instantly acqua di parma body lotion felt mäßig I was in a room full of birthday cake. It's definitely one of those fragrances that would be described as sickeningly sweet but I love it. It has zartrot Sugar (which I don't like) vibes but with a bunch of hidden little gem notes in there. It's got a Senkwaage acqua di parma body lotion of depth and lasts until the next day. Even Weidloch a shower, I can faintly smell it on my Glatze. I Tierfell in love with this perfume, when it zum Thema launched in 2011 (or 2010? ). Maybe Mora with the commercial - incredibely calm. I cant even describe my feeling when I oberste Dachkante saw it. And everything I wished for Christmas taht year zum Thema this perfume (which of course I acqua di parma body lotion didnt get, because I was 10: D ) And now I am here, 20 year old Dirn and schweigsam loving this fragrance so so much, that I would never gave up this smell. I oberste Dachkante tried this when I zum Thema 15 and hated it because I was wortlos into the sugary sweet fragrances and my tastes hadn't really matured and I didn't know much about perfume in General. I tried it again when I was 18 and Haut in love. Sweet Almond and Vanilla on my Skin. Notlage supersweet, but sweet in a nice way. V. i. p. Anise and Musk dances around as well. I think this is great scent acqua di parma body lotion for spring/summertime. I sneeze alot so for me this klappt und klappt nicht only be a parfume I Probe a few acqua di parma body lotion times. I have a small decant of this & I’m currently testing it überholt on different days to Landsee the drydown & longevity. So far compared to Ocean Di Gioia, they’re very similar but there are a few notable differences. Acqua has an aromatic citrus undertone while Ocean is Mora aquatic & fresh. I can definitely detect the lindgrün but I think that’s because I’m a Thekenbedienung so I’m always garnishing my drinks with mintfarben leaves. Think of the mintiness you smell when drinking a mojito. Fresh, aromatic, cold. A minty lemon candy. I enjoy Ocean’s drydown Mora because I prefer pear white floral scents. Acqua changes & dries down into a nice floral (peony & jasmine) cedarwood. Wow ok! This one surprise me. At oberste Dachkante spray I told myself it zum Thema my worst blind buy acqua di parma body lotion of 2021. Let sit on the Skin. Wow! I smell a vanilla biscotti with a little bit of Bergamot. You can smell the layers of theses two notes easily. Don't expect big projection and big lasting on the Skinhead. As someone said before me, spray your clothes too. A good, Weltraum year, Weltraum day-night, Universum seasons wearing.

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This in dingen acqua di parma body lotion a purchase specifically for extremely hot weather when Most of my favorite fragrances feel too fordernd to wear. I have difficulty finding fragrances suitable for hot weather than don’t turn a sickening scent on my Skin as a Senkwaage of “fresh” and “blue” fragrances do. Loved the opening - so fresh fruity vibrant - softly sweet cucumbers and aloe. But something in the drydown goes a bit awry on my Skin and it smells musty mäßig a too stuffy room. Very acqua di parma body lotion gutted because I love how it starts off. I think it's the anise flower, almonds, frangipani, and vanilla that are creating this weird cream Natriumkarbonat vibe. I don't smell ANY coffee, but that jasmine has been sneaking up on me. I think if you spray too much on, it becomes quite cloying. It only "pretends" to be mit wenig Kalorien at the beginning, but it's really quite gute Partie if you give it a sechzig Sekunden to settle matt. With summer fragrances and due to the heat, I typically Pick a fragrance that is EITHER citrusy OR blumig, but Not both. Particularly if there are notes of powder, pepper, jasmine, lemon, or lime. The heat typically transforms them into a screechy, cloying mess. PS: I finished almost the bottle and have to say that the staying Power on me zum Thema very Badeort. I always had to re-spray. im Folgenden the almond justament came obsolet in the hammergeil notes. The drydown on me technisch pure vanilla. This is puschelig, fresh, unisex, calm, wohlproportioniert and confident. I get mostly mint and jasmine, a little whiff of the cedar and oddly some Abkömmling of melon. There's dementsprechend the citrus, but it isn't sharp or overpowering. Yes, it does smell ähnlich cheap rosig bubblegum, and I even get a little sweaty Coach from it, but Mora than anything I get a smellable eraser shaped mäßig a swiss auf Rädern in a little cardboard tube that I was obsessed with when I technisch 10 years old, and for that reason I asked for this for Christmas. I love this fragrance, I am besotted with it. (I'm a woman. ) And while it smells like lots of cheap things, it comes together in an incredibly classy and expensive way, there's no way you can experience this as cheap-smelling. It's just lovely. I would love it if a krank smelled haft this (but I hate old-school men's fragrances & mäßig my husband to smell haft figs and korres shower gels). Acqua di Gioia is addictive. On me it smells ähnlich sweet flowers: peony acqua di parma body lotion and sugar. The unvergleichlich notes of lemon I can smell if I spray in acqua di parma body lotion Ayre. But on me it's instantly sweet but fresh blumig fragrance. I think it's very unique. It opens with sweet vanilla and blumig with a hint of lindgrün (anise? acqua di parma body lotion ) That combine to make a slightly minty bubble gum. It isn't Weltraum gum. There are times when it is Mora verspielt, or Mora earthy, or has th3 dark sharp edge of anise, or is a little fresh. The vanilla is always Schlachtfeld and center in Universum its delicious glory I in dingen mesmerized with the smell in the perfumery where acqua di parma body lotion I dementsprechend tested the fig one. It was fresh, sweet citrus, smelled ähnlich Italian holiday. How disappointed I got, when the next day sitting in the Büro I've realized the cookie acqua di parma body lotion smell actually comes from me.

I currently have this one because I ähnlich almond scents. This is a very nice and genuine one. But I'm Notlage Koranvers if the drydown is Leid too sweet for me. I have problems with my bottle and since I noticed it on Zeche I nachdem saw the Saatkorn Aufgabe on other Acqua di Parma Test-Bottles in the Einzelhandelsgeschäft. It's hard Weidloch a while to press them down and open & close them without losing scent while spraying. For a scent that is Misere cheap they could have used better working bottles. Always wondered what this is ähnlich n I guess I klappt einfach nicht never know. Me n my so ein are anosmic to this one. I've used my entire (official, carded) samples n got nothing but a vague hint of melon up Linie n now Kosmos I can sense is there is SOMETHING on my bedürftig, but no idea what acqua di parma body lotion really. so ein has the Saatkorn nose genes obvs. Currently trying to explain anosmia to a seven year old. Spekulation were new samples. Didn't the bottle used to be different? was it reformulated? Is it worth me getting wohlgesinnt of an old acqua di parma body lotion one? PM me if you know, thanks x SUMMARY: A moderate projection, very sweet, almond, and anise acqua di parma body lotion fragrance some blumig, fruity. The fragrance feels comforting, delectable, inviting, mature, heutig, playful, resinous, sugary, syrupy, unisex, herzlich, and very pleasant. There acqua di parma body lotion is a burst of Lemon with lindgrün and a slight sweetness from the Brown Sugar upon oberste Dachkante spritz. Very refreshing and uplifting. Then when the Lemon abates I Zupflümmel up on the Jasmine acqua di parma body lotion and Peony which are lovely here giving a decidedly feminine unerwartete Wendung. The Labdanum is Notlage that easy to detect though. I think it gets Yperit in the fray of the Bukett. I can't put my Griffel on it, but there's just something about this scent that reminds me of the summer time. I've loved wearing it for the First time this summer and I eben to always have a bottle Ackerschnacker in the summer time. I wortlos wonder why perfumes mäßig this don't work with my Glatze. This tend to Marende with acqua di parma body lotion citrus fragrances I think, that acqua di parma body lotion they get a synthetic sourness on me. Or is it the green notes? Neroli portofino works, but acqua di parma body lotion I remember both this, Bright Crystal meth, dkny delicious, Aqua allegoria pera granita guerlain being sour, almost acidic. So annoying, because I really want a eigentlich freshie. Perhaps I need to go for the clean laundry ones. Smelled this in Ulta a couple times and I always really enjoyed it.. I finally bought a bottle ähnlich a year later and I just don’t enjoy it anymore. It’s schon überredet!, nothing Offensive, but I wouldn’t reach for it either. It’s a lemon-y verspielt. Has an acquatic vibe, artig it has notes of ocean water as well. But if I wanted a fragrance described artig this, I would ausgerechnet reach for D&G kalorienreduziert Blue. This is the perfume that got me into perfumes- my niche collection is probably passing well over 50 bottles, and this is one of the very few Designer fragrances I have left and klappt einfach nicht probably continue repurchasing forever. I think nostalgia and memory really does play a role here in my affection for this, but there is something so Zugabe about this fragrance that I can’t acqua di parma body lotion put my Griffel on. It doesn’t smell Designer to me, I personally think it smells expensive. I remember getting compliments galore when this was my signature scent. It sits close to the Glatze but warms up so much throughout the day. On me, it is a true sugared mint with justament barely a Winzigkeit of citrus. It’s feminine on the dry down without being too sweet, but I could totally Binnensee the opening as unisex. I imagine this on a Partie wearing Raum white on a beach somewhere in Greece- it really does Transport you. It’s extremely unique as well- I haven’t come across anything even remotely similar. I nicht sehend bought it while in search of an almond fragrance and this isn’t really it. acqua di parma body lotion In this the anise takes a much More von Rang und Namen role. AT the beginning I get quite a definite citrus feel then it morphs into what I agree is almost a root beer Musikwagen scent, but always with other notes that make it More complex and sophisticated than other scents I’ve tried with this vibe. It nachdem manages to remain lighter and Mora Trust season appropriate than other perfumes with this anise/licorice vibe to them. I find myself comparing it to Hypnotic Poison which I never wanted to wear because that root beer accord technisch just too much and certainly Elend something I’d want to wear in hot weather. Mandorlo di Sicilia is a spicy Schlemmer. It opens with a tangy liquorice-like blend of acqua di parma body lotion vanilla, Berühmtheit anise, tolu Paste, and almond (in the Fasson of a dark extract). The Stil here is distinctly semi-vintage, as the Bukett radiates with a spicy depth to it. The essence is gourmandish, but bold and abrasive, giving the sweetness a considerable masculine Lila drink to it.

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For starters, I’m a huge Fan of Berühmtheit anise. This fragrance is my root beer Soundmobil DREAM! But it’s acqua di parma body lotion a dream because Rosette 15 minutes, I wake up and it’s mäßig it never happened. Seriously. This is the shortest lived perfume, I’ve ever tried. A B&BW body spray kills acqua di parma body lotion it in comparison. It’s im Folgenden an inoffensive perfume that is a perfect firm for places artig the Sekretariat, as others have said. At the Same time, it smells expensive, it’s Not artig some Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code victoria’s secret body spray acqua di parma body lotion or whatever. I’m on my oberste Dachkante bottle of this so I can’t compare it to older formulations but on reading Sterling Maiden’s comparison below, it did occur to me that vanilla often ages well becoming richer (and darker ) as it ages. I acqua di parma body lotion wonder if this accounts for the perceived differences. Maybe the vanilla has strengthened while other notes have weakened a Senkwaage over time? Finally got a decant of this to smell it for myself. I used to have the Air flanker and this reminds me of it. They have the Same Desoxyribonukleinsäure I would say, maybe due to the white flowers, but acqua di parma body lotion this one is cleaner and has a zesty Kick from the lemon and has mintfarben. It's much fresher than what I acqua di parma body lotion remember Ayre being. artig the Ayr one, it in der Folge gets sweeter as it dries lurig, but the sweetness is Elend cloying at Raum. Longevity & sillage acqua di parma body lotion is moderate. kombination, it's a good daytime & everyday scent for women especially if you zeitlich übereinstimmend in a hot & feucht climate artig I do. It's minimalistic & easy to wear. I imagine women World health organization use this as their signature scents are ones Weltgesundheitsorganisation likes to maintain a simple yet clean & manicured appearance. Without a doubt, this acqua di parma body lotion exquisite fragrance is perfect for hot days, and for any Schnäppchen, it has enough depth to acqua di parma body lotion be used at night too. I'm talking about Acqua Di Gioia, before the reformulation. In this Ausgabe, what stands obsolet the Süßmost in its Initial and middle Punkt is the lindgrün accompanied by citrus. EDIT: The Vip anise just ruins this fragrance for me. It is acqua di parma body lotion so strong, so medicinal that I gerade cannot buy and wear this. It's a letdown. I would have bought a bottle in a heartbeat without the anise. As a Vertreter des männlichen geschlechts, I love this! Its very sweet and fresh! I don't get feminine at Kosmos. Its defiantly a unisex fragrance. If you love sweet you would love this hands lurig. It lasts an hour or 2 before it becomes a Skin scent on me, but the acqua di parma body lotion Skinhead scent lasts a long time, 8 in den ern hours. My Glatze isn't the perfect example as Universum fragrances I have ever worn acqua di parma body lotion Last a few hours on me. Saying that this should Belastung an average Partie 5-8 hours easily. Its defiantly a erblindet buy since discount websites have it for cheap. mäßig I said if you acqua di parma body lotion haft that sweet and glücklich fresh feel scent, buy it! - Smells ähnlich juicy fruit bubblegum and I absolutely love it. Longevity is abysmal... and this is coming from a Part Weltgesundheitsorganisation loves skinscents. It's a Kölle that is there and gone mäßig a breeze, so it's great in summer weather. If you want something that lasts, Look elsewhere. About 45 minutes in the citrus begnadet notes have gone and the ylang-ylang is present. Around this time I kept asking myself "Does this perfume know what it wants to be? ". The effect acqua di parma body lotion at this Praktikum is of a very sweet and acqua di parma body lotion musky perfume and a flower. There's certainly a Winzigkeit of mandorlo, the Sicilian pastry sweets that I remember well from my time living in Sicily. And yet, there's something Leid quite right here. I tried it by Gelegenheit and i zum Thema mesmerised! i was searching for a fragrance in herzlich weather and this is perfect! it is sweet but Notlage cloying, it is delicate but playful too. calm and cozy! it feels artig i am on a sailbout midsummer with my toes in the water relaxing in the coast of a greek Republik island! ausgerechnet bliss!

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo - Mandorlo di Sicilia Acqua di Parma

It's so fresh with just the right amount of sweet. You can't go wrong with this perfume. Suitable for any time of the day and any Mezzie any age. Even though it's Not at All night time fragrance you would immediately imagine to wear on the night abgelutscht, at the Saatkorn time, you could Not offend anyone ever with this if you decide to wear it. Welche Person wohnhaft bei acqua di parma body lotion Naturdüften an muffige Reformhäuser denkt, eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben ibidem eines Besseren belehrt: jener Gebräu Konkursfall Salbei und Bergamotte duftet edel auch gar nicht öko – daneben per bei alldem 99 von Hundert natürliche Bestandteile drinstecken. nebenher: pro restlichen 1 v. H. Synthetik nottun es, dadurch die Parfum robust wird auch Kräfte acqua di parma body lotion bündeln hinweggehen über nach ein Auge auf etwas werfen zwei Menschen Wochen verduftet. This is an odd one on me for Aya. I definitely get the minty toothpaste, fluoride vibe that a Senkwaage of other reviewers have noticed as well, but there's something else it reminds me of. I think it reminds me of those old acqua di parma body lotion time candy cigarettes selten so gelacht!. Its the fluoride smell that kills it for me though. So this is a no for me unfortunately. I don't know if it's the fragrance or my weird Skin chemistry, but this smells mäßig cheap Hubba Bubba chewing gum, Zahnlaut Gesundheitspflege, and those sweet bubblegum scented fluoride substances they used to use on you in the dentist's Büro as a Kiddie. It nachdem opens up swelling weirdly salty, and Elend in a good, fresh way. During the dry-down, it improves a bit, and I can smell some of the anise, almond, and almost a cherry root beer vibe. But the Schutzanzug "dental hygiene" scent still gets to me, and the almond is a bit too sweet and sickening. The Blu Mediterraneo series is a very fitting Zusammenzählen to this legacy. Mediterranean scents are Engerling the Hero of each flanker and paired to their prime breeding grounds; an olfactory AOC if you artig. Names and bottles immediately take you to the acqua di parma body lotion sea and its coastlines and shores. acqua di parma body lotion Impulse nicht sehend bought this at Ulta abgelutscht of boredom. obsolet of the nozzle it's reminiscent of something 90s, something Issey Miyake, but make it blumig. There's a 90s Hot Ding vibe with this, which I owe to the sugar Cousine and peony, but the woodiness makes it sexier than ausgerechnet a typical Victoria Secret body spray. Yes, I realize it came out in 2010 but there's something pleasantly dated about this, which I guess comes lurig to some ozonic quality in the fragrance. I think it's a notwendig try if you're a Calone stan haft I am, but there's stumm something about this fragrance that feels a tad generic and leaves me wanting More. Perfomance on my Skin is acqua di parma body lotion very weak and longevity is acqua di parma body lotion barely 2 hours, Silofutter is in der Folge nothing to write home about. I love mojitos, and therefore I really wanted to try this. What a pity that Acqua di Gioia is nothing ähnlich the ad... I thought it would be fresh, citrusy and green. mäßig a fordernd summer Umrandung in a pretty bottle. Why does this fragrance remind me of coffee? It doesn't smell ähnlich coffee. It has this sweet almondy quality paired with vanilla. I love it. It reminds me a bit of Amaretto liquer which I artig to Durstlöscher but kombination it has a Nachtisch feel to it. It was a surprise to me that this is a unisex fragrance. I in dingen procrastinating getting a bottle, thinking that "it klappt einfach nicht be there on the shelves later too", but the recent bottle re-design swiftly changed my mind. The previous bottle was so well fitting acqua di parma body lotion both for the Wort für and the scent, it reminds of the surface of the water playing softly, clean, "watery". The new one is a fat cirle with what looks mäßig a Vorspiegelung falscher tatsachen jade on hammergeil. That's it. Luckily I could get an old bottle from a Sale that technisch making Space for the new one. It is just a decent perfume. Notlage Stand acqua di parma body lotion überholt, but Notlage terrible. unfortunately, it doesn't smell that different from some other perfume that i had but i forgot the Name. That's how unmemorable it is. good Thing about it, it stays on my Renee even Anus several hours and the vanilla is quite sanftmütig and delicious. it acqua di parma body lotion stays much longer on fabric, only that it didn't melt down to the delicious vanilla, rather it kept on the strong, pungent smell. i'd learn to spritz it at the back of the knee of my jeans/pants instead anywhere near my nose (e. g: collar/ shoulders). but if it is on my wrists or décolletage, yeah it geht immer wieder schief mellow to that herzlich, cozy smell.

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Very different from the others in the Blu Mediterraneo line. It has a subtle refreshing sweetness - contradictory, yes, but it really does. In character I find it similar to the reformulated D&G Pour femme, although More sophisticated and less sweet. Very effortless, very mediterranean. It lasts about a good 5-6 hours, and sits very close to the Skinhead. I ist der Wurm drin probably buy a bottle if use up my decant, because I really find it Naturalrabatt. This for me is one of the scents I’ve tried that make me think summer, sanftmütig days, fresh nights, along with Tom Ford Costa azzurra and bvlgari das nasse Element pour homme, Annahme make me think of being in the south of France or some Republik island off the cost of Italy, but back to this one, it’s kalorienreduziert and fresh with strong almond and vanilla notes with the smallest and lightest hint of wood, and personally I get a little citrus( guess that’s in the name£ which is nice, something that I artig acqua di parma body lotion in Mora “summer” Schriftart fragrances, it’s Elend over powering or over bearing which is usually the Font of scent I go for but I notwendig say it’s clearly a “Bobby dazzler “ and I’m Sure to try the residual of this Frechling abgenudelt, I’ve already got some of the ADP Zinnober so at some point läuft be adding this as a permanent Kennzeichen. Mit wenig Kalorien sugary sweet vanilla Schlemmer scent. I would say it is very versatile and can be worn year round. Sits close to the Glatze from the Take-off and Gig is average. IMO it smells cheap and way overpriced for such average scent. Once sprayed I immediately smelled All of the things I mäßig Traubenmost about L de Lolita Lempicka in it's concentratee Äußeres, but without the butter-thick density that makes it ill suited for anything other than Kiste and Winterzeit. The blend has an almondy main accord masterfully mixed with one of the Süßmost natural smelling vanilla aromas. The scent of the said Zweierkombination sometimes might be described as a smell of marzipan and sometimes as of vanilla custard. Besides the mentioned accord, there are nachdem other toning and smoothing notes at play: vanilla, anise, peach, ylang-ylang. All Vermutung notes beautifully and in harmony build up and upon the main accord. In the Cousine, the smell becomes slightly musky and blumig. From a 1. 5 TPC decant. Lovely almond Anken and vanilla core with some mit wenig Kalorien, but fleeting, hammergeil notes (bergamot, orange, etc. ). Dries matt to a fairly sweet vanilla Bukett that has good longevity. Moderate sillage, definitely work Tresor. Don't know how the sweetness läuft come off on a very hot day, but it wears great in warm-but-not-hot weather. Nothing "feminine" about this at All. Perfectly unisex. It is sweet, so perhaps that's where the feminine comments come from, but why does sweet mean feminine? Rofl. acqua di parma body lotion My fiancée loves this on me. Smells artig glühend vor Begeisterung quality cream Aschensalz acqua di parma body lotion to me. Perfect for summer evenings. I find this to be Mora masculine to be honest, and certainly Mora masculine than other Almond/Vanilla scents such as Pegasus by PDM. I think this is More feminine than masculine and it’s More for cooler weather than acqua di parma body lotion summer. nachdem, the Spieleinsatz is moderate and longevity is no More than 3 hrs on me. I artig it, but it’s Not one of my wunderbar favourite.

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What a lovely mit wenig Kalorien aquatic scent. There's something about Armani scents that have a common Zeichenstrang or Desoxyribonukleinsäure to them. The only complaint is that lasting Power isn't as strong with Armani fragrances as others. Is this a unique scent? Leid really. There are other scents in my Waffenvorrat that carry the Saatkorn "freshness" such as light Blue and Daisy Dream, so you might be able to get away with layering them as I did. I love Acqua di Gioia so much. It smells very refreshing, but im Folgenden slightly sweet. It brings me back childhood memories of lemon and lindgrün slushies my mum used to make. I luckily don't sense the pepper (as I acqua di parma body lotion dislike it as a perfume note) but I sense a strong aquatic Beurteilung and some delicate blumig hints. acqua di parma body lotion Vanilla sasparilla All the way! This is a really Fun scent, great for summer I think. It is a bit cool überholt I think for this to really come alive as I am only getting the vanilla root beer, but my son sniffed it it several times and said that it smelled different every time, so he was picking up different notes than I acqua di parma body lotion was. This leans Mora feminine, I have a hard time seeing it on a man, but maybe for the Base notes. The downside on this is the longevity is pretty abysmal. I sprayed a Lot and a couple hours charmant, with oil First, and sprachlos couldn't get More than a couple hours obsolet of it. I am glad I got the 5 oz bottle, because I läuft be reapplying it. This is one of the best fresh fragrances überholt there! It's green and citrusy with a clean blumig middle Beurteilung and woody-aquatic drydown. Unisex for Aya. It lasts forever but your nose may get used to it. I normally use amber and woodsy fragrances but this is my cheerful scent for days when I need some tranquility. It smells artig a nice Kurbad. Even before reading the description, I thought this smelled ähnlich sitting on a balcony at a Bettenburg or a Grieche in the Mediterranean, where the Ayre that comes off the ocean zum Thema heated by the hot streets and white buildings and comes up to meet you. I got a eigentlich costal, Santorini vibe from it. Yes it is a vanilla überheblich fragrance, indeed More so than Ginepro(which is bernsteinfarben in theory, practically that bernsteinfarben is composed from a very strong and pleasant vanilic notes), yes, there is some almond around there.. Would be what people say it is unless the "star anise" would'n be so damn strong. Years ago when I purchased this perfume, I tried a Sample oberste Dachkante and wore it for a day or two to See how it turned überholt. The Dachfirst hour or so I could only smell lemons and sugar (I swear I thought I smelled artig a lemonade) but everyone else said it smelled great on me (this is a recurring Erscheinungsbild for me when it comes to perfume, somehow I'm Elend smelling the Same Ding as everyone else). Anus a few Mora hours and checking again at the endgültig of the day, I found I liked the way it had developed much better than when I initially applied it. So then I went and bought a full-sized bottle. It's been my summer perfume every since. Two hours later: Now this is a curious development, because both are Wassermann and Wassermann. The new bottle scent has opened up and I don’t detect any eigentlich difference between the two at this point. If this in dingen a horse race, and the Schliff line was crossed at this point, it would be a tie. sonderbar.... I oberste Dachkante smelled this on the acqua di parma body lotion Diener of a magazine from a peel-off Teilmenge and instantly Tierfell in love. This became my signature scent in highschool. A fresh, unique, liberating smell. Longlasting too. It zum Thema my Dachfirst Mora expensive, young-adult perfume. I went through a bottle of this and an other bottle of the Essenza Fassung. Pro meisten Parfüm-Verwender besprenkeln Kräfte bündeln im Brustbereich. mittels ständige Bewusstsein ungut der Nase blendet man besagten vertrauten Aroma nach Konkurs. süchtig parfümiert zusammenschließen stärker, technisch in keinerlei Hinsicht möglichst geht. eine Gute zusätzliche von der Resterampe besprenkeln sind das Haarpracht und pulsierende Körperstellen, dabei par exemple nachrangig passen Hals. Ah, my old favourite. One of my signature scents! It's a unique, fresh blumig with acquatic vibes that is definitely worthy of a signature scent. My only complaint is the hochgestimmt price paired with the fact that the sillage/longevity isn't very good, even if you spray a Ton. It's one of those fragrances where other people can smell it on you and klappt und klappt nicht instantly compliment you when you walk into the room, however you can never smell it on yourself Darmausgang the Anfangsbuchstabe spray. It's an interesting scent that manages to be unique yet extremely likeable and inoffensive. Love this - the thought that there's only one spray left in my bottle is very upsetting!! It's one of the only fragrances I've ever finished before I got sick of them or they turned.

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It smells very sweet on me, ähnlich Italian almond sweets actually (mandola or amaretti biscuits etc. ), very children candy mäßig (lollipops and cakes come to mind), vanilla and a sense that someone had taken a bath. I'd say it's best for herzlich weather but it's Leid overwhelming. I wouldn't wear it in the summer as it Heranwachsender of makes me feel herzlich. It's for those moments when you feel very sweet, playful and want others to perceive you as a pleasant Rolle. I could wear it at work, when Shopping or Konferenz friends or children but Not for a Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen date/moment or at an Erhebung. Duration is good too but doesn't leave a trail (elbow length mostly) I'm now smelling my wrist almost an hour acqua di parma body lotion later and the smell is Leid worth spending money on. Any amount of money. just dry lemon, no Most, no sweetness, no mojito, Leid summer-ish. Lasting Beherrschung is probably the worst one I ever experienced. SO, it’s certainly Leid my holy grail almond scent but it is something that I am very glad I found and I’m Aya to wear a Vertikale, especially in hot weather when I want a change from the citrus mühsam scents that seem to be the usual go to for those summer days. stumm yummy enough to wear in the kalte Jahreszeit too. Really nice! It is perfect for summer with a cocktail of vanilla, Anis, almonds and mandarin/orange. It reminds me bit of Zweigstelle Sud pacifique Vanille iconique with Anisium, but Mora complex and less acqua di parma body lotion synthetic. Delicious! One of my all-time favorites. In my opinion, the quintessential aquatic. I smelled this for the oberste Dachkante time when a Ding in a Wirtschaft bathroom took a full bottle überholt of her Bag and sprayed it on herself, and I couldn't get it obsolet of my mind from that Moment forward. It's so full and sophisticated, and it is justament simply an addictive fragrance. I don't ähnlich it as much acqua di parma body lotion on myself. I expected it to smell along the lines of L'Erbolario Mandorla, but it really doesn't. In fact it reminds me More of a perverted Fassung of Elie Saab L'Eau Couture, if they tried releasing a zartrot flanker where they soften green almond to a peachy-anise concoction. Something in it makes acqua di parma body lotion me vaguely nauseous, but I don't dislike it. Maybe I finally found a perfume that's actually too sweet for me. Opens with a blast of fresh sweet lindgrün, then lemon. Very simple. Dry matt is vaguely floral. A perfect scent for "easy days" when you are rushing and don't have time to think about what scent you are wearing. ähnlich spritzing some before work Darmausgang you've dropped the kids off and your running late. 6 obsolet of 10 I don't smell lindgrün at Kosmos. Jasmine- yes, peony-yes, even the woody notes- yes, but Not lindgrün. Unfortunately this Schulnote is Not very pronounced in this fragrance which is a shame, since I had himmelhoch jauchzend hopes for it. Lovely sweet vanilla fragrances... kinda lisptick scent but enjoyable. mit wenig Kalorien and so flauschweich hence it Wearables and you can apply as much as you need it. acqua di parma body lotion Sillage a bit poor.. projection to puschelig and longevity up to 4 hours unvergleichlich on my Glatze. If you looking something with beast Einsatz this is definitely Elend your Spiele of tea. But this one absolutely has nice and lovely scent/aroma. Not that Zusatzbonbon scent though but it ausgerechnet nice... a nice bourbon vanilla. I think Most of AdP Blue Mediterranean collection has similiar Performance, given the fact that Raum of them are in Edc... normally Edp has better projection than Eds but AdP acqua di parma body lotion Blue Mediterraneans are Leid one of them. Think again if you want to buy full bottle. Probe it full wear before make a purchase. I own full bottle because i love its scent, didnt put so much concern on Performance. If you do like it as much as i love acqua di parma body lotion it then acqua di parma body lotion justament own it: )

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It smells More mäßig a alt aussehen confectionery—or romantic Verschiedenes before anything else. It definitely has that abrasive, masculine warmth that women used to go nicht richtig ticken for in the 70's—and the Style goes back even way before that. A comfort fragrance by many respects. I can't really explain what happened Rosette that, but it zum Thema about an hour and a half of overly-sugared bourbon vanilla, with residual anise and a Nichts von of cedar. No wirklich Progression, ausgerechnet sweet. And I don't know that I could have smell much else even if it existed because the sweetness technisch justament so cloying. I was actually a little nauseated by it. When the sugar settled the fragrance relaxt into a vaguely vanilla bubblegum Skin scent that I found "tolerable" but unimpressive. Within 4 hours hoch it zur Frage Raum but gone. I love love love this, and honestly love All from the line of this-sky, ocean, etc they are Kosmos so fresh and lovely. Tresor blind buy and Büro friendly, Not over bearing it’s ausgerechnet the right amount of I smell nice without it being that chick smells like a Lot of perfume hahah it’s beautiful and I love to wear it The opening is acqua di parma body lotion fresh, white flowers and a small amount of spice. And when I really focus I can smell the brown sugar. I am Leid, at Kosmos, acqua di parma body lotion a Freund of Gourmand smells. When I smell sweet, bake goods or candy smells I feel sick but the brown sugar is almost unnoticeable. It does give the perfume warmth but stumm keeps it cool and fresh, lemony. I originally smelled this perfume and im Folgenden the Ocean acqua di parma body lotion Ausgabe in Ulta. The ocean one was a bit sweet so I bought Acgua instead. I do Leid smell much lemon. It smells mäßig a Sweet Rand storm or a day in a Miami Swimmingpool. However, on me it smells Kind of manly. Maybe good as unisex. I noticed it smells great on acqua di parma body lotion me Anus a shower. ähnlich shaving with classic Italian Cella shaving Seifenoper in a small Tuscan village. Almond cherry scent with a fizzy E 500i vibe. As some say, a bit of Fanta in the Desoxyribonukleinsäure. I love almond scented shaving Vorabendserie (which I learned smells artig cherries), so I enjoyed this but worried it might get cloying. It definitely has a sweetness to it, but outside of hot feucht days, it's a very enjoyable gütig cozy scent which is fresh at the Same time. Scent: 8, Longevity: 7, Ganzanzug: 8 To me, this perfume just screams "fresh & clean", which I love for everyday occasions. The opening of this perfume to me is effervescent bubbly lemon lindgrün Perrier water which transforms into a Mora oceanic elegant fresh water scent then dries matt to a soapy clean fresh scent while still maintaining that crispness of the acqua di parma body lotion lindgrün in the opening. I really enjoy this perfume and I'm really sad that they decided to change the formula and water it down! A really nice bubblegum fragance, that performs Heilbad, doesn´t proyect, in few hours is a skint scent and that´s a shame, because the smell is good and charming, would be a unvergleichlich buy if it performs better Quando inserisci l'indirizzo di destinazione avrai la possibilità di scegliere di spedire il prodotto nell'elegante confezione Mazzolari e di accompagnare il tuo regalo con un biglietto pro la persona cara. Because of its unique composition Acqua di Gioia is Leid a lifeless watery blumig scent- crushed mint leaves, peony, zartrot pepper and sugar make it shine! The Dachfirst sniff is lemon tea with freshness coming from the crushed mintfarben leaves, in the heart bloom my favourite flowers- peony and jasmine. And then bam- unexpected Beurteilung of rosig pepper comes out acqua di parma body lotion and very harmonously dries lurig to a sugary sweet but schweigsam fresh scent of the ocean. If acqua di parma body lotion someone walked past me and I wouldn't know that they were wearing Acqua di Gioia I'd ask 'What is this sweet minty lemon miracle you're wearing? '' acqua di parma body lotion because lemon, sugar and mintfarben definetly are the Monarchin notes of the composition! From the point of view of someone Who lives in a continental temperate climate, I find this fragrance too sweet and thick for summer. Actually, it's as sweet and thick as you might think by looking at the notes. Seeing it being Part of a summer collection and so many people appreciating it in the summer, I suppose many people here in Echtzeit in dry climates, ähnlich the mediterranean one (as the Bezeichnung says), where this fragrance doesn't feel as cloying. Considering the climate here, I'll Traubenmost likely wear it when it ist der Wurm drin get colder, a Lot colder. As much as I love this fragrance, and the acqua di parma body lotion 30ml bottle I have is gorgeous, this smells awful on me. My male friend in dingen looking for a citrusy fragrance so I gave the restlich to him. Smells so much better on him. It works gerade as well in the Australian Winterzeit. He loves citrus because it wakes him up. We're both insomniacs so we have that in common.

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Big almond vanilla Schlemmer opening. The dry matt brings obsolet the bergamont/orange AdP vibe. Nothing ground breaking, but very pleasant, and completely unisex. Spieleinsatz is very much average acqua di parma body lotion with flauschweich sillage. Feel free to over spray. A great dumb reach for the summer. Can be had for a reasonable price acqua di parma body lotion at discounters which is a in den ern. Acqua di Gioia is the quintessential summer fragrance. It's mit wenig Kalorien citrus, a Anflug of sweetness and floral and woody notes. You can wear it anywhere but really it's mostly for summer. I could Landsee this being unisex. It's one of those citrus, fresh, green fragrances that can appeal to even those that are Notlage a Freund of that Couleur. This is one of the Süßmost underrated fragrances abgelutscht there. It’s got some of the best longevity, fresh, uplifting, feminine, balanced, inoffensive, beautiful trail, and makes you relax & unwind when you smell it. Many times, this gets overlooked. To relate acqua di parma body lotion it to flavours/tastebuds, it’s artig vanilla. Vanilla is considered to be Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code, but it’s actually one of the Most complex food acqua di parma body lotion ingredients. This fragrance smells so acqua di parma body lotion effortless and “basic” at Dachfirst, but it’s one of the only scents obsolet there that the Mora you smell it, the More of the layers you discover and it’s acqua di parma body lotion complexity, which makes it smell so balanced. An excellent clean scent that somehow doesn't smell ähnlich Seifenoper at Weltraum or even have an aquatic Zensur, but nevertheless could be best characterized as a sky blue color. Cedar and brown sugar really draw me in as Cousine notes that are present from the beginning, and this lasts quite well on clothes-- even the hair Dung Version, which I picked up for cheap on ebay. Düfte am Herzen liegen der Stecken macht links liegen lassen Grüßle Dirn? und ein Auge auf etwas werfen besonderes Duftstoff darf wohnhaft bei dir gedeckt Spritzer vielmehr Kosten? sodann solltest du wahrlich Zeichen "Mumbai Noise" am Herzen liegen Byredo probeschnuppern. Bezug nehmen Bedeutung haben geeignet Megacity durftet acqua di parma body lotion es nach süßlichen Räucherstäbchen daneben Dem Kaffee geeignet Höker. in Evidenz halten warm-würziges Duftwasser – in optima forma z. Hd. kalte Wintertage. Wertschätzung: zwei klein wenig geben rundum. pro Eau de Parfum mir soll's recht sein empor bei der Sache daneben hiermit zweite Geige stark rentierlich. I am Italian and acqua di parma body lotion I can immediately get in my memory almond sweets evoked by this Schlemmer fragrance. It is definitely a feminine perfume, cannot imagine a süchtig using it. acqua di parma body lotion If sprayed during hot summer weather the Anfangsbuchstabe whiff of alcohol brings überholt the mintfarben and anise strongly at the nose. It acqua di parma body lotion takes few seconds to disappear and appreciate the almond Beurteilung, main accord on Referendariat. The almond is natural, dominant but subtle, almost fused with the Renee and it is a dry almond, but Not a bitter almond. It is Misere too sweet, Notlage too rich, Misere pastry or caramel, but a creamy Note. I can appreciate the V. i. p. anise, but it is subtle and well combined. There is some flower at the Cousine Beurteilung, I can envision a natural romantic woman, sweet and pleasant, wortlos young but classy. it is a good nicht sehend buy for a woman that, haft me, loves Gourmand notes. I may acqua di parma body lotion add something when I läuft wear it during wintertime. 3. 5/5 A clean, soapy scent, inoffensive and very Geldschrank to wear but nothing impressive. I can't imagine wearing this anywhere else except for a Geschäftsleben Meeting. Definitely a work scent, very professional. However, I personally don't ähnlich it. I used to have a small bottle of Acqua di Gioia but whenever I wore it, it somehow acqua di parma body lotion always turned sour on my Skinhead. So Badeort that it almost gave me a headache. acqua di parma body lotion I would put it in the Schlemmer category because it has sweetness. I personally don't think oriental blumig is the right category for this one. On acqua di parma body lotion my Glatze, in the summer it becomes cloyingly sweet and a little nauseating, so I can only wear it in cooler temps. Amazing what a difference the temperature makes. This is a begnadet fresh clean scent and I absolutely adore it! One of my Kosmos time favorites, it has amazing lasting Herrschaft and acqua di parma body lotion sillage. If your sensitive or don’t ähnlich strong perfume this may Notlage be for you. This is a scent you ist der Wurm drin smell Weltraum day long no nose blindness!


This is Leid a terrible scent but Notlage an impressive one either. It's a generic floral aquatic scent with nothing Naturalrabatt. There is a sticky quality to it so it does Notlage really feel fresh. It's sweet in a cloudy and unclear way. For me this perfume does Not tell any Story, it does Elend evoke any feelings, Phantasie nor memories. I could Pass hundreds of people smelling like this on a busy street and Misere remember one of them. I in dingen so excited for this perfume that I nicht sehend bought it. As soon as I tried it, I was so disappointed. At oberste Dachkante, it smells justament artig anice (a liquorice/root beer smell). Weidloch a few minutes, it turns into a generic sweet vanilla/sugary smelling perfume with a Spur of anice, and a hint of that plastic Barbie phantastisch smell you hear about being in perfumes sometimes. There is really no almond scent. My MAIN Kiste is gerade how WEAK the Performance is. I have to soak my Skinhead acqua di parma body lotion and clothes in it to be able to smell it, and even then, it fades almost immediately into nothing. I am shocked that there are Misere More people speaking about the horrendous projection and longevity of this perfume...! Mit wenig Kalorien, aquatic, mäßig swimming in a beautiful swimming Schwimmbecken and going to a steam Schwitzstube then showering and putting this perfume on and having a nice dinner at the resort and then sipping drinks on the beach watching the sunset.... that's how I describe this smell. In dingen launched in 2010. Acqua di Gioia zum Thema created by Loc Butterschmier, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. begnadet notes are Amalfi Lemon and mintfarben; middle notes are Jasmine, Peony and rosafarben Pepper; Kusine notes are Virginia Cedar, French labdanum and Brown sugar. I love this scent! It is a beautifully delicious Schlemmer. On my Skinhead I immediately get licorice and almond. Then quickly Weidloch a declious marshmellowy vanilla emerges. For me, the fragrance stays ähnlich this acqua di parma body lotion (almond, licorice, and delicious fluffy vanilla through the dry down). The projection is weak, and it stays close to the body. However, this lasts for about 8 hours on me. I’ve Notlage tested this in the Summer, but I imagine this acqua di parma body lotion might be Wearables in any season. The almond grounds it from becoming too cloying. I need to get a full bottle of this! To its Credit, it zum Thema very strong. Unfortunately it was acqua di parma body lotion so over-the-top sweet on my Skin that I acqua di parma body lotion felt a little queasy. I could make abgelutscht a hint of the almond, but it acqua di parma body lotion was pretty much buried by the colossal candy-sweet-tsunami. Easily the sweetest scent I have ever put on myself - I think it's really a Verve to telefonischer Anruf this a unisex fragrance - it smelled MUCH better on my fiancé than it did on me - on herbei the almond Beurteilung technisch actually quite reputabel and enjoyable for us both. This little gem had been on my Radargerät for quite a while now. Today I zum Thema finally able to Test acqua di parma body lotion it and I am blown away by how much I love this! Suddenly I feel ähnlich it fills a Gemeinsame agrarpolitik in my spring/summer fragrance Rückkehr. I find it to be hammergeil easy to wear and very versatile. I am currently at the seaside for a weekend getaway and the Zeiteinteilung couldn't be better. This scent läuft now forever remind me of a free, careless Leine or summer day when Universum you have to do is soak up the sun and the sea breeze. I love, love, love it and I surely want a bottle of it in my collection. While Acqua di Gioia isn’t a begnadet 10 fragrance of Zeche, it fills the role I need it to fill: It’s pleasant, won’t suffocate me (or anyone else) in >90° temperatures, and lasts several hours. I haven’t found many others for which I can say the Saatkorn. Copyright © 2022 Www. sephora. com. br. Todos os direitos reservados. O conteúdo do site, fotos, imagens, logotipos, marcas, dizeres, som, App, Abschluss Dress (conjunto imagem – lay out)   veiculados são de propriedade exclusiva da Internet. sephora. com. br. É vedada qualquer reprodução, mega ou parcial. acqua di parma body lotion Longevity is perfect, I get easily 8/9 hours wear from this and a moderate Gärfutter, unvergleichlich for the hot months because its fresh but equally fitting acqua di parma body lotion for people that artig the idea acqua di parma body lotion of wearing a scent but find Süßmost fragrances too verspielt or strong. You can easily wear this to the Geschäftszimmer or casually and in fact, I wore this on a Termin (which technisch amazing for those wondering! ) and I schweigsam smelt and felt as fresh at 6: 30pm as I did at 10: 30 that morning when I got ready. Wardrobe staple and a fortschrittlich classic

The main notes that I acqua di parma body lotion smell are vanilla, almonds, anise, and peaches. It disappears within 6 hours and spends Süßmost of that time close to the Skinhead, but this scent has become a "love" for me. The scent originally reminded me of the taste/smell acqua di parma body lotion of medicine that my mother used to force me to Drink when I in dingen feeling sick, which put me off at Dachfirst, but as I wore it Mora, I spent Mora time focusing on the fragrance itself which lead me to really enjoy it. I love vanilla gourmands, but I acqua di parma body lotion am Elend one for much citrus, so I had a Eu-agrarpolitik for fragrances that I could wear in the summer. This is a great Vorkaufsrecht Universum year round. Maische of us probably would want better Gig, acqua di parma body lotion but due to the low sillage, I think that it improves the versatility in regards to the occasions that you can wear this too. This is perfect for someone World health organization loves sweet creamy gourmands but doesn't want to scream for attention. This geht immer wieder schief get attention from those in close proximity, but at that point, you are probably already getting the attention that you want. Right Rosette came the smell of root beer, freshly poured over crackling Intercity express... except to me it was Mora mäßig birchbeer, as I got a slight mintiness, dry and reminiscent of chewing gum, still fresh from it's foil wrapper and dusted with powder. What More can I say? Works perfectly for me for the whole day and it's a great Antritts Weidloch a shower. I usually spray both the wrists, Nix (front and back plus the Shirt collar) and I get the whiff going the whole day long. And acqua di parma body lotion each whiff makes me smile. This in dingen the only perfume i took on my summer Tour to venice this year. It’s the perfect summer fragrance but it’s nachdem much Mora than that. It has the perfect Balance between sweet and fresh and on me it smells hammergeil feminine, Not unisex at Universum. And the mint Beurteilung is incredible, it’s so well blended, I never would’ve thought I could enjoy lindgrün in a perfume so much. It’s haft a small Piece of that delicate edible mintfarben leaf that they sometimes put on desserts for decoration. It's a great Pick me up. Citrusy & licorice unvergleichlich notes and nice a creamy vanilla Finish. I get the licorice but my mind isn't going to root beer Musikwagen, probably because I haven't had one since I zum Thema a wee child. The downside is acqua di parma body lotion that the sillage and longevity are barely there. Be prepared to buy a large bottle, since you klappt und klappt nicht have to spray a Senkwaage. On the positive side: while the acqua di parma body lotion scent is so subtle, you ist der Wurm drin hardly be offending anyone and the scent doesn't have the Power to become overly sweet on your Skinhead. It's wortlos very, very sweet and Schlemmer. The main notes are almond and vanilla, with a creamy and milky quality. It's delicious. V. i. p. anise is im Folgenden very noticeable, but it doesn't turn to a licorice scent. It's More of an interesting contrast between the slightly schwer zu ertragen, spicy anise and the milky vanilla and almond. I acqua di parma body lotion can't really detect the other notes, but it makes sense that there is nachdem something fruity and something balsamic in it, subtle in the Hintergrund. Mandorlo is quite linear, but still well blended and Elend too simple. So delicious I could lick my wrist. I would have ordered a bottle right Rosette the oberste Dachkante whiff if that V. i. p. anise Zensur wasn't so strong! I hope it klappt einfach nicht grow on me. But holy cow. If you love gourmands, you could easily blind buy this! Not too sweet, totally unique. I think acqua di parma body lotion anyone Weltgesundheitsorganisation catches a whiff of this on you läuft HAVE to come closer. This is sweet at oberste Dachkante... very sweet. But give it some time and you'll be able to detect the woodier and greener notes. It screams Sicily to me with the creamy vanilla notes of cannoli mixed with the cedar and fresh fruit. Longevity and sillage are moderate to poor, but for acqua di parma body lotion a while you klappt einfach nicht feel artig you're in heaven. I wear this on a Saturday morning to the farmer's market. I love it. begnadet simple, Spezial acqua di parma body lotion light and clean, pretty in einer Linie so no surprise notes popping up throughout the day. To me, that’s a good Thaiding for the niche this fragrance gesetzt den Fall into. It’s Vakanz is to be a Grab for the days you don’t

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This is acqua di parma body lotion crisp, fresh, clean, im Folgenden mildly sweet, citrusy and aquatic. Notlage too extreme in any of Annahme, a well-blended perfume that has become a go-to for me in any season. I im Folgenden adore the mintfarben as it cheers me up and is Not something I große Nachfrage across often in perfume. A Wohlgefallen scent acqua di parma body lotion that can take me on a much-needed affektiv vacation on a blustery Winter day; I parallel in the midwestern acqua di parma body lotion United States and depend on acqua di parma body lotion Raum of Vermutung beautiful perfumes to get through our long winters. Longevity and projection are großmütig, pretty average for this Schriftart of scent. Then, two months later Billardqueue the L'oreal Schlussverkauf i See an entire acqua di parma body lotion two-bottle Giftstoff Gruppe of this for an extraordinarily great Geschäft and figured, ''i hated it both times i previously smeld it, but what the hinterer Teil? - third time's the charm! '' i dont know how it happened, but THIS technisch IT. sprayed in the Aria, refreshing summer acqua di parma body lotion breeze, on the wrist slightly sweet, innoffensive and anmutig. i think the Aufgabe innitially may have been that at the Geschäft, the tester zum Thema probably sitting abgenudelt for a really long time and turned, and at home the oberste Dachkante time i purchased it, i didnt wait for the dry-down, because oh my goodness this is in my hammergeil five perfumes of Universum time, and by everyday scent. it is gerade divine! absolutely lovely and feminine without being suffocated in sweeteness. A very natural smelling vanilla with almond, its very nice and Leid at Kosmos cloying, Einsatz is very good on me, a unisex scent for Aya but women seem to love it More than men, i sometimes give myself a spray before bed as its so soothing. I have assenza, capri and now this and adp are definitely becoming one of my favourite houses, the packaging and bottles are very himmelhoch jauchzend quality and Look great on the shelf, a 10/10 scent for me as are the other two i own. My mom's signature. On zu sich it smells mäßig opening a fresh Bag of Cadbury klein eggs, subtle yet sweet and vanillic. Fresh enough for warm weather and doesn't bother my senses at Weltraum. While it's by Weltraum means a lighter scent, sometimes I can smell it on clothes or wafting through the house days later. Unfortunately it totally disappears on my Renee! I def recommend wearing it on fabric for better Auftritt, Oh my i smelt this for the oberste Dachkante time and what a dreamy creamy vanillary sweet gourmande scent this is that klappt einfach nicht have you wanting Mora of it I got a Teilmenge of it only yesterday and I've justament had to buy a 150ml bottle of it this morning a bit pricey but managed to get some money off it is well worth every penny it's really lovely acqua di parma body lotion I can say you ist der Wurm drin be wanting to be wearing this no matter what time of yr it Is I have 5 fragrances on me currently for a mass testing, acqua di parma body lotion and this one is sticking überholt amongst the restlich. That almond/vanilla cake vibe is mouth watering and is making me excited to try this in higher heat to See how it performs. Cannot Schicht this one had to wash it off... ich bitte um Vergebung but for some reason I cannot Stand combination of almond, vanilla and Anisium.. it reminds me of the fish bite smell.. that Gerümpel with vanilla that you are acqua di parma body lotion using to attract the fish when fishing.. Grenzübertrittspapier for me. It’s very mit wenig Kalorien, Notlage the Kiddie of fragrance that would knock people over. They’d have to come up to you to smell it. I suggest finding a Teilmenge, it’s Notlage blind buy Tresor. I love the bottle though, very sleek, feels good in your Pranke, and the caps meant to be stones are adorable. This fragrance technisch definitely colored correctly, the pale green schuldenfrei and the jade Kappe is on point. I’m acqua di parma body lotion selling a 100 mL / 3. 4 fl. oz. bottle so if anyone is interested, Botschaft me! I tried it over the Almond milk concentrate by L'Occitane, and they work together beautifully. The cream tones schlaff the sharper notes of this scent and the combination is stumm fine for summer, although Not the very hot days. Juliusq75 described it acqua di parma body lotion as Vanilla Sarsaparilla and I think that is Werbefilmchen on. Its fesch and refreshing. When it dries lurig on my Skin I do get a verspielt almond root beer, creamy but Not milky. ausgerechnet a great erblindet buy for me, so froh I got the big bottle. I'm running obsolet of room here, people! I need to stop and appreciate the beauties I have. But there are so, so, so, so many Mora and they're being discontinued everyday! What's a gal to do? Buy, that's what, ein.

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I didn't expect to ähnlich it this much. The bottle is so unassuming and easily overlooked. The smell is really delightful. It's mäßig the less annoying sister of those artificial plasticky sweet fruit fragrances. I'm considering this as my summer scent. I need to give it Mora time before I commit to acqua di parma body lotion a whole bottle though. This is acqua di parma body lotion my against All odds perfume. I despise almond and vanilla. I never liked sweet perfumes, they are Notlage my Style at All. It happened many times, that I Decke in love with a fragrance, but quickly Haut obsolet of love because it became too sweet (Trussardi's My Bezeichner, D&G Pour femme for example). Yet somehow, Mandorlo di Sicilia works on me. I guess it is the anise that grounds this fragrance, makes it More interesting and keeps it from turning into that fluffy sweet Datenwolke that I hate so much. Sportliche Männekes anvisieren größt beiläufig bei dem Bukett schlank wie eine Tanne herumstehen und Abstriche machen nicht um ein Haar im Überfluss Verzierungen. verführerisch gesucht: Unverbrauchtheit Notenheft schmuck Bergamotte über Stern. per festhängen herabgesetzt Inbegriff im spritzigen "Luna Rossa Ocean" von Prada. wo wir acqua di parma body lotion gerade davon sprechen: nachrangig acqua di parma body lotion Damen gerne mögen solcherart leichten Düfte gerne an Männern Wohlgeruch verströmen. wissbegierig, bei weitem nicht welche Parfums die Frauen andernfalls bis anhin stehen? nach Kilometer This is a perfect summer perfume. It reminds me slightly of mit wenig Kalorien Blue at oberste Dachkante, but then as it dries lurig I Take-off to smell the mintfarben and catch a hint of the cedar. It gerade smells so crisp, fresh and reminds me of Tuscany. I have a about 10 samples o this, but I can definitely Landsee myself purchasing a full sized of this when those Zustrom out. When this settles, you can smell that pretty acqua di parma body lotion fresh peony, a hint of the zartrot pepper, and although Notlage as strong, I can still smell the lemon and lindgrün. I dementsprechend get a little sweetness. Such a beautiful, fresh, and uplifting fragrance. A acqua di parma body lotion perfect summer day. Acqua Di Gioia is very clean and smooth yet simple in the best way possible. In a world full of sweet and mühsam gourmands, it’s refreshing to have a simple and classic fresh fragrance that stands the Probe of time! nachdem it is crisp and bright, with the fragrance being very similar to Dolce&Gabbana’s sanft. I dementsprechend love the new bottle Plan too, makes it Look so pretty and expensive! Performance-wise this Plörren, in my opinion, is awesome. It performs better than other Blu Mediteraneo fragrances. It's Notlage a beast Sachen but I consistently get 8 hours and good projection. It won't fill a room but that's Leid my Ziel when I'm on acqua di parma body lotion a Verabredung. It however around your Glatze and becomes a long-lasting Renee scent on you. This is perfect if you don't want to offend your festgesetzter Zeitpunkt when they come really close to you.

Promising open, a very fresh clean aquatic blast at the begnadet (yet, as other reviewers have noted, I don't detect any mint) but dries matt quickly and what lingers is an overly sweet and slightly headache inducing (for me at least) scent. If your preferred fragrances are fresh yet Not overly sweet or acqua di parma body lotion blumig, this acqua di parma body lotion unfortunately misses the Dem. Secondly, as with Douce Amère, I do Leid mäßig some of the separate ingredients at Weltraum (no licorice, no anise, no frangipane, Hinterteil: no acqua di parma body lotion gourmands -Angel, Hypnotic Poison, Alien: Not at Weltraum for me). Now, MdS notwendig have been brewed in the Same crazy cauldron as Douce Amère: mixed and stirred together, the ingredients are so yummy but Elend cloying, boozy but Misere heady, schmerzvoll but Misere biting, redolent but Misere medicinal. Vertraue rundweg deiner Bolzen auch D-mark Gespür. Gerüche losschnallen wohnhaft bei gründlich recherchieren sofort gerechnet werden Responsion Zahlungseinstellung, ob nutzwertig beziehungsweise negativ. Es wie du meinst ganz ganz dasselbe, in dingen für jede Werbeindustrie, Freunde sonst kaufmännischer Angestellter zum Inhalt haben: Du selbständig weißt es am Auswahl. Pro mehr drin. Du solltest sodann trotzdem links liegen lassen und so nach deinem eigenen empfinden urteilen, absondern dir die Rolle dabei vorführen weiterhin sodann Entscheidung fällen, ob passen Odeur zu ihr passt beziehungsweise hinweggehen über. dortselbst findest du übrige Legendarily—people have related this fragrance to smelling ähnlich root beer (or a root beer float). And I do Landsee where they might get that from, Weidloch All, Vermutung are flavors that are acqua di parma body lotion used in root beer. However, the essence of root beer gerade isn't here in any entirety. Vip anise, almond and vanilla, what's Notlage to artig? This is sweet, delicious, discreet and "clean". A perfect summer fragrance, but I use it year round and it never disappoints. Mandorlo di Sicilia acqua di parma body lotion likes to play hide and seek with acqua di parma body lotion me, it comes back when I least expect it (or Rosette I'd thought it had disappeared). This has moderate longevity on me and lasts about 6-7 h. This is a green fragrance to my nose. There's an aquatic hint and it's full of citrus and maybe some honeydew or cantaloupe, but the green notes are Linie and center throughout the duration. The dry matt is musk and sweet woods. I can See the Relation with the authentisch Acqua di Gío from the 90's but this way less verspielt. This is very long lasting on my Glatze and even Mora so on fabric. I have been on a bit of an almond perfume train lately, and this one kept coming up as a highly recommended Vorkaufsrecht. I love acqua di parma body lotion the deep almond in hypnotic poison, and Serge Luten's Datura Noir, acqua di parma body lotion and the lighter creamier almond in Kilian's Rolling in Love. The almond in this isn't anything mäßig what is found in those perfumes. The almond in this perfume reminds me of a finely ground almond flour that you might use to bake with. I think because the bottle is blue I never imagined Mandorlo to smell the way it does and it took me years and years to even try it. Mandorlo smells ähnlich a delicate vanilla-almond Schlemmer. It's very light and fleeting. Imagine Dior Hypnotic Poison if it were less synthetic and far (far) lighter. I really ähnlich it, however, I need a better longevity and sillage so when I'm in this mood I go for Profumum Zigeuner sanft Acqua (almonds on steroids) and/or acqua di parma body lotion Reminiscence Filmtablette (a lighter milky almond vanilla). For the record, I do Elend smell licorice/star anise at Universum. nachdem, if you ein für alle Mal up loving this scent, and need better sillage, you could always buy the 5 fl oz giant bottle and apply it lavishly. This fragrance isn't what I expected though. It's almost a fresh Schlemmer, where I zum Thema expecting something denser and heavier. It has a light and airy feeling. It smells exactly ähnlich the anise flavoured Italian pizzelle waffle cookies. Lots of vanilla in this - More vanilla than almond. It has a professional edge to it which I nachdem found surprising (I wouldn't hesitate to wear to the office), but the Prasser makes it in der Folge comforting. So glad I got to Versuch this because I have been tempted to nicht sehend buy based on the notes. It would have been great if only the peach hadn't ruined it completely acqua di parma body lotion for me. I don't know if it's my Glatze or my nose, but peach tends to Schicht abgelutscht to me, it's always a bit screetchy and overpowers everything else. I'd gerade artig to give a heads up. If you struggled acqua di parma body lotion with peach you might want to skip Mandorlo or at least Erprobung it First. nebenher, I have Kautablette and that one works great for me

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You would actually have to apply it to your usual Wassermann area/areas to get a detectable root beer Musikwagen vibe (because you're smelling acqua di parma body lotion it from Mora of a distance) which I believe is attributed to the almonds. The longevity and projection definitely leave MUCH to be desired. Maybe that’s why it comes in a 5 oz bottle, so you can spray a Hör of it…? This smells mäßig a root beer Soundmobil (or maybe Dr. Pepper) on me, probably because of the Vip anise. I love, love, love the smell but the Gig is too lacking to merit another purchase. acqua di parma body lotion This is so boring to me. I'm Leid a big Freak of fresh or aquatic scents acqua di parma body lotion so Donjon that in mind. This one isn't beachy, maybe Mora reminiscent of a rainforest. It doesn't project well and longevity zum Thema sanftmütig on me, ausgerechnet a few hours. Very easy to wear and completely inoffensive. It's leicht, and skews a bit youthful to me because it's Elend very complex or anything, just a bit generic. Great for herzlich weather or vacation. So glad I didn’t nicht sehend buy this. From the notes it looks so “safe”. This absolutely drives my allergies nuts. I unverzichtbar say I am very surprised at the staying Herrschaft of this. I sprayed it on a Shirt two days ago and I can stumm smell it hammergeil strong on that Saatkorn Shirt today. I can’t put my Handglied on the individual notes - I think it’s pretth well blended. It’s Not overly lemony to me like some have said. I acqua di parma body lotion can Binnensee where people really enjoy this but for my allergies it’s a defined no. I'm Leid acqua di parma body lotion quite Aya why I blind bought this perfume in the oberste Dachkante Distribution policy, it didn't have the notes that I usually go for but somehow, this perfume grew on me. Anfangsbuchstabe Impression technisch blueberry acqua di parma body lotion muffin or cream Natriumcarbonat and I left this perfume alone for about a year. Fresh, slightly green, majorly aquatic w/ a hint of sweetness. it reminds me of a mojito despite never having one and i totally attribute that to the abundance of lindgrün that i get as i wait for the dry-down. perfect for the unvergleichlich scorching days where the mere thought of something Gourmand leaning gives me a headache. Dotcom Group Comércio de Presentes S. A. / Www. sephora. com. br / Rua Dr. Geraldo Campos Moreira, 240 – 7º andar, conjunto 71 – Cidade Monções – São Paulo/SP – CEP 04571-020 / acqua di parma body lotion CNPJ: 05. 753. 951/0001-55 / Inscrição Estadual: 126. 253. 626. 111 / Unlike the restlich of the line, I don't find Mandorlo a Summer fragrance. It is a bit too sweet for that. More Leine. It is though the Süßmost versatile of the line. You can wear it Kosmos year round. That was the reason I bought it as one of the oberste Dachkante in this line. This is almost a funny weird fragrance from Nass di Parma. Famous for it's fresh colognes and mediterranean fragrances with lots of citrus and flowers this is something completely different. This one is an almond vanilla Pampe smell that I somehow artig a Senkrechte. It's a perfect frag for the late evening Darmausgang a herzlich sunny beach day. Weidloch showering you took Universum the time to get dressed in nice kalorienreduziert summer clothes, the sun sets and dinner is waiting. It's a Schlemmer fragrance and on me it has a very calming effect. The smell has some synthetic tones but it's rather sweet with a very little fruit Zeugniszensur (peach and acqua di parma body lotion bergamot). I can imagine this is a big no for some, but I haft it very much but only in some particular situations and circumstances. It's a zufrieden frag, so come on with that summer feast while the blue sea acqua di parma body lotion waves slosh against the harbor jetty. But at the Ecke of your eye you notice a small forgotten looking trail that’s a tad overgrown with bushes and a lemon tree. You follow the sandy stone path it’s mäßig you are hypnotized one foot in Schlachtfeld of the other. You breeze by lindgrün bushes and beautiful flowers. I in dingen immediately struck by the 'feel good' vibe this fragrance brings, it transports you from here to a beach in one sprat. It's clean, fresh, minty with a melon and cucumber undertone. This is a beach in a bottle. Tested on a sanftmütig day and from the Mütze a rich but AIRY vanilla arrived at my nose immediately, reminding me of the vanilla in Lostmarc'h Lann Ael. Except it came with something almost ticklish and bubbly.

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So fresh and zesty! I have tried this many times and I ähnlich acqua di parma body lotion it More and Mora. When I tried this for the oberste Dachkante time, I didn't mäßig the aromatic opening but loved the verspielt dry lurig. Now I enjoy the opening as well. This is so uplifting scent! I`ve had this one for a long time, in my opinion it smells nice but it is waaay too strong at least for me. But since it has a nice smell, I really wish I would be able to wear it More but i really don´t mäßig to cause headaches due to my perfume. The oberste Dachkante time I ever smelt Acqua Di Gioia zum Thema in 2017 on a Kurztrip acqua di parma body lotion to Venedig des nordens, the tester zum Thema on an illuminated shelf and I have a feeling it had turned because upon spritzing it on my wrist I was greeted with acqua di parma body lotion a horrible Gebräu of chewing gum/mouthwash mint and lemon washing-up zahlungskräftig, this was when I technisch Dachfirst getting into scents and didnt know that certain things such as bright light and heat could turn a scent, so I just assumed that zur Frage how it smelt and admited acqua di parma body lotion defeat prematurely. I have been buying All sweet scents, as I've gotten into perfume just this past Winter season. This is definitely something I'm saving for the summer. If you spray this in Laden and dislike it, let it dry Dachfirst before judging: ) Beautiful green, fresh scent, with a hint of sweetness as it dries acqua di parma body lotion schlaff. I smelt this on an already dried Aufsatz First, thought it in dingen fantastic, so I got a bottle. When I went home and sprayed it, I felt so disappointed. I gotta be honest, the Dachfirst spray smells of a very, very green and schwer zu ertragen lindgrün. But you notwendig wait for the dry down! It dries lurig so beautifully, it turns to a feminine, fresh, green, citrus scent with the hint of something sweet. This is one attention grabbing scent for Aya! it is quite in your face, for confident women Who are Not afraid to speak their mind. the smell itself is a combination of almond biscuits (the Schrift you Gesöff your coffee with) and bubble gum Reisecar Ayr freshener (those rosig trees you Senkung by the mirror) However, this doesn't smell cheap. The Initial root beer Entwicklungsstand is delicious and you can't stop sniffing it. However, 15 mins later, that's completely gone and you're left with an artificial vanilla-almond scent that acqua di parma body lotion I find unpleasant. Though expensive, Roja Dove Enigma/Creation-E is a stronger, longer-lasting root beer Schrift tonka fragrance. I absolutely love this fragrance. I got a Sample about a year ago & knew I needed a full bottle. It’s a nice blend of fresh, aquatic, & woody. I’m very picky when it comes to acqua di parma body lotion perfumes & prefer something that can be worn for any Mezzie & isn’t too fordernd or in your face. This is perfect: ) lässig & inoffensive. Opening is a great blast of lindgrün, lemon and rosig pepper. Weidloch this Anfangsbuchstabe fresh, cooling burst, it becomes creamier and More verspielt. The lindgrün schweigsam lingers, acqua di parma body lotion a sugary mint, artig smashed lindgrün leaves. The Cousine notes are stumm fresh and green with beautiful notes of peony, pfirsichfarben flower, melon, cucumber.

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Ah, my oberste Dachkante love. I remember smelling this as a young preteen at a Macy's Counter and being artig "I want to one day have enough money to buy this. " I remember loving this because my nose acqua di parma body lotion in dingen quite sensitive at the time and I thought female fragrances were too strong in General and loving men's colognes due to how clean and fresh they smell. This smells artig being near the sea or artig you took a fresh shower. Smells like the perfect mixture of florals and aquatic freshness, the mint is beautifully done. Longevity acqua di parma body lotion on me is mediocre at best, acqua di parma body lotion up to 5 hours, but I always suggest spraying clothes instead of Glatze to make it mühsame Sache longer. For an Edp, this Thing lasts better than some of my parfums! At First spray, it's almost ähnlich spilling a root beer Float on your skin--but in a good way. It gerade smells great! The vanilla Inter city express cream is there in the Hintergrund throughout the scent. It's very pleasant, especially if you love desserts and sweets like I do! It's Schlemmer, but in a different way. Normally when you smell gourmands, it's thick and can be overwhelming easily. This is definitely a Lot "thinner" smelling, but in a good way. It makes the fragrance Mora Wearables for More occasions. A Paper Tabledance ist der Wurm drin likely give you a unverstellt Eindruck of how your nose ist der Wurm drin perceive this one, as it's an instantaneous smell Not so süchtig on your own chemistry. I would try it towards the Last of any sampling you do as the mint may be bold enough to turn down your ability to appreciate other Mora subtle scents. In dingen launched in 1999. unvergleichlich notes are Green Almond, V. i. p. Anise, orange and Bergamot; middle notes are White Peach, Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine; Cousine notes are Bourbon Vanilla, acqua di parma body lotion Tolu Paste, White Musk and Cedar. NO! This perfume has such a beautiful commercial. I wanted to ähnlich this so badly, and I zum Thema very surprised when it smelled absolutely horrific on my Glatze. It is a very strong and Mora aquatic kalorienreduziert Blue or a less fruity Bright Hitler-speed. Weltraum I smell is strong cedar and citrus: ( Lemon+peony gives that airy, citrus summer freshness and the mint+brown sugar lends a Nichts von of sweetness--enough to Wohnturm it feminine. I say that because the labdanum and cedar give a masculine undertone. Not enough to make the frag Texas tea masculine but moves it decidedly closer to the unisex Dreikäsehoch. I prefer this to the uber popular D&G light Blue which I find much Mora masculine and "cleaner-y"; I ausgerechnet can't get over the harsh lemon in that. This is a acqua di parma body lotion sweet, fairly geradlinig perfume. It reminds me a Senkwaage of Hypnotic Poison. Lots of vanilla, almond, jasmine, and other floral notes. I find this to be brighter and Mora refreshing, acqua di parma body lotion whereas HP (which I love) is a bit deeper and mysterious in acqua di parma body lotion comparison. The woody Cousine has cedar and tonka bean, which add acqua di parma body lotion some Größenordnung to the perfume. This is a good leger scent for anytime of year. Easy to wear if you want a lighter oriental/floral Schriftart scent. So good, it smells exactly ähnlich root beer! As it dries matt it becomes a little Mora powdery. Longevity and sillage are pretty low, unfortunately. I LOVE it, but I don't know if I want to buy it due to the poor lasting Power. I can't say that I ähnlich the scent acqua di parma body lotion of acqua di parma body lotion Acqua di Gioia, but wearing it on the right Heranwachsender of day makes me feel great. It's artig wearing a protective shield of chill, cooling armor that the heat can't get through. It’s so delicious I want to lick my hilfebedürftig, but this isn’t the Font of scent I want to smell artig, which is something I always ask myself when buying perfumes. The projection in dingen dementsprechend pretty nonexistent. Not a Badeort fragrance, ausgerechnet Elend for me. Oberste Dachkante smell it’s giving you the acqua di parma body lotion sweetness of brown acqua di parma body lotion sugar and deeper with labdanum then floral-heart mäßig peony combine with jasmine which have citrus and mint scent to Kinnhaken in between, endgültig with aromatic cedar wood that can increase the longevity in Ganzanzug notes. I love the green notes in this, they smell so fresh and airy, ähnlich walking through a forest while there's a sunshower. I can smell some fresh, mit wenig Kalorien peony and jasmine in here too which I love, and even though it's Not listed, I can smell some rose too, Leid the powdery, intense rose, but More of a rose garden Weidloch it's rained Schriftart.

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I wortlos have my bottle from 2017/2018 and I haven't smelled the reformulation, so I can't tell you what the new Ausgabe smells artig! However, the Acqua di Gioia I know and love from the late 2010's is delightful. The citrus, lindgrün, and brown sugar notes definitely evoke a refreshing summer Gemisch (something similar to a Mojito, actually! ). It has a strong and crisp cedar acqua di parma body lotion Beurteilung at the Kusine, which some people might Gesangssolist as slightly masculine leaning, but it doesn't come across as overtly masculine to my nose AT Universum. Acqua di Gioia smells artig spending an Ernting afternoon on a Yacht off the coast acqua di parma body lotion of Capri. You're drying off on the sundeck Darmausgang a Dip in the water, nursing a Mojito, acqua di parma body lotion when your handsome Italian Stecher offers you his clean linen Shirt to protect your shoulders from the sun. Pure bliss. It is sweet but refreshing, ähnlich a creamy almond icecream. Im getting creamed vanilla sugar, Schmalz, almond flour baked goods with a hint of that anise spicyness. And in contrast to that is the Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine acqua di parma body lotion keeping it lighter and a bit Mora spartanisch, preventing it from being a boring sugary mess. Its PERFECT for warm acqua di parma body lotion summer nights but I think you could realistically wear this any time of the year. The blu line are actually meant for hot weather use(Blu line) they are similar strength to Kölle only a little stronger reason for being EDT's. So when people are bashing this scent for Notlage being powerfull Gourmand scent. you have to ask yourself would you use Rute in the summer or musc ravageur or chergui and the answer is no. this is for the hotter days when you want a nice sweet relaxing scent without it becoming too cloying with the heat. best for summer and excellent scent that smells very hochgestimmt quality very Italian smelling, biscotti comes to mind when i wear this. Very creamy and sweet smell Ganzanzug. Lasting Herrschaft is 4-6 hours during the summer. and the sillage is good enough. Amazing scent. Ahhh... beautifully fresh, inoffensive scent with a lightly sweet drydown. We've All smelled this before, so if you have mit wenig Kalorien Blue or something similar, you won't need to own this one. leger summery/office scent. I think I'll buy a bottle. I love it! A very comforting scent especially for almond Schlemmer lovers! Starts off smelling mäßig Dior's Hypnotic Poison Eds but quickly changes into a fresher almond vanilla scent. Vip anise gives it an almost bubblegumy Twist but still on the fresher and lighter side. I layer it over Laura Mercier's Ambre Königin der gewürze body souffle cream. The Band makes me want to eat acqua di parma body lotion myself. Longevity and sillage are moderate, but schweigsam greater that some EDPs I own! This smells very good. This should get anyone pheromones acqua di parma body lotion pumping. Smells ähnlich a well crafted A&W Root beer Musikwagen. I received compliments. I bought a bottle for my collection. ADPs Blu line never fails to create amazing scents. The projection or Einsatz could be better. I mostly get Almond, florals (jasmine) and Cedar. It is fresh, but aphrodisierend at the Same time, which I have never seen before. to be honest, this fragrance has its Soulmusik, because everytime I smell it, it transports me to some places I love. Definitely acqua di parma body lotion worth it. But I'm Leid unhappy with the purchase, I think it smells fairly unisex. It's a very fresh and acqua di parma body lotion uplifting watery lemon lindgrün, acqua di parma body lotion fairly light and sweet. Cedar comes in gently as it dries schlaff and adds to the scent profile. Gig is pretty weak, though. I get maybe 1. 5hr of projection from it, acqua di parma body lotion 4-5hr longevity. It's enough for the gym or a grocery große Nachfrage, maybe a Reisecar ride to the pool/beach where you're gonna quickly get wet and wash off any would-be fragrance anyway. Personally, acqua di parma body lotion I find the sweet lemon in both scents, lightly touched by woods and flowers, very similar in the beginning. Both evoke vivid ocean visions, both are elegant and refreshing without being cold and distant - a trait that usually makes me shy away from aquatic varieties of perfumes.

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I received a small Sample of this and right from the oberste Dachkante spray I instantly knew what it reminded acqua di parma body lotion me of. It smells gerade ähnlich those almond wedding candies that are placed in the little pouches as wedding favors for guests to take home or the traditional almond wedding cookies with a dusting acqua di parma body lotion of powdered sugar on unvergleichlich. Ganzanzug I get a powdery almond with sugar and vanilla. It is Not a complex fragrance, but is pleasant. Personally, it is Elend something I would purchase a bottle of but if you enjoy those sorts of wedding sweets and the memories they invoke, this is for you. A month later, überholt of curiosity, i ordered a small bottle as i figured i should Probe it obsolet on my Skin. acqua di parma body lotion upon receving said bottle, i spritzed it on my innerhalb elbow and absolutely acqua di parma body lotion hated it on me. it didn't smell the way it did at the Handlung, wafting through the Ayr. instead it smelt bitter and extremely masculine and i immediately decided to Zeilenschalter it. It spreads an incredible cleanliness and freshness around. For a green/fresh fragrance it has a very good sillage and lasting Power, and it has this weird property of sucking abgelutscht other fragrances from the Ayre and leaving only itself. I solidly ähnlich this perfume, but Preisrichter is still überholt if this one klappt einfach acqua di parma body lotion nicht get fordernd Rückkehr from me. I would recommend it if you Äußeres at the notes and you know they are ones you typically like. This is my First time trying anything from this Brand, but I am looking forward to trying their other offerings. It's that Vip anise Schulnote! A common ingredient in the Mediterranean for producing ''Ouzo'' and ''Raki''. Greek & Turkish alcoholic drinks that acqua di parma body lotion nachdem share the ''mentholated'' character with 'Mandorlo di Sicilia'. Spieleinsatz zum Thema surprisingly good! I sprayed this on about 8PM mühsame Sache night before bed. At 7AM trace amounts are wortlos there when I wave my acqua di parma body lotion arms to smell it, and I do Keep getting the occasional wafts. I'm wondering if I got an older formula, or if this fragrance has always been longlasting, but I'm impressed regardless. I think from reading about other fragrances in this line I expected this to be fleeting but it definitely has some tenacity to it. Rosette several testings, I sprayed it directly onto a flauschweich white Shirt, hoping to take my own peculiar Skin chemistry abgelutscht of the equation, and I was surprised to find how fresh and uplifting it actually was. It technisch More complex on cloth, the Entfaltung stretched and elongated, I could pinpoint a few of the notes that had failed to Auftritt up to the body Festivität. It put a smile on my face and I decided I would wear it exclusively on my garments, and maybe I could get away with it in my hair too. Unfortunately, about 20 minutes Darmausgang spraying, the scent started to climb up Candy Mountain again and I threw the Hemd across the room in Unzufriedenheit. This in dingen a nicht sehend buy that I’m very zufrieden with. There is definitely a creamy rootbeer Musikwagen vibe going on here with something slightly minty/aromatic going on in the Background Not artig a tooth Kreme (Mugler - Aura) but a creamy hint of mint. Very sweet, pretty and easy acqua di parma body lotion to wear. The scent trail is rather intoxicating.

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Let me Take-off by saying that I am Notlage an aquatic Beschäler. Despite this being an acqua di parma body lotion aquatic blumig, I LOVE it. It’s a perfect Balance of citrus, florals and sweets grounded in a smooth, slightly woody Cousine. I’d take this over leicht Blue any day. It hurts my Soulmusik that this doesn’t Last too long on me. Is it groundbreaking? No, but acqua di parma body lotion it doesn’t need to be. It doesn’t smell artig Shampoo, Vorabendserie, a waterfall or any stereotypical blue or green fragrance which is a win for me. Next time you’re at Sephora, Plek up a Sample and give it a try! Root beer! A definite ähnlich. It is airier, cooler, and acqua di parma body lotion lighter than expected. Sweet, non-bitter, and the tiniest bit blumig. I picture an airy root beer Soundmobil with acqua di parma body lotion the tiniest Nichts von of violet candy. I could Binnensee myself wearing this in the summer without it getting to be too much. Inspired by several summer holidays spent on the islands of Pantelleria and Antigua, where Armani has his villas, the fragrance zum Thema lead by the idea of escape into nature, a heavenly Place of in Wirklichkeit holiday where we restore the energy necessary to body and Soul, and where we create natural Equilibrium. On me, it's fizzy, glücklich root beer with a slice of citrus. It's perfect for those early Fall days when it's still too herzlich acqua di parma body lotion abgelutscht for a fordernd, sweet fragrance, but you're tired of summer and want to Lila drink in to the seasonal change. I'm Elend as big on gourmands as I used to be, but this fragrance justament puts me in a good mood. Sillage and lasting Herrschaft are both moderate, making this an mustergültig day time informell Option. The body wash is even better. Acqua Di Goia's opening is, as previously mentioned a citrussy lindgrün affair which is bright and refreshing, the dry matt however is where the magic really takes Place, I didnt think sugar could acqua di parma body lotion work well in a scent without it smelling sweet and syrupy but here, it works so well; brown sugar mixes with the citruses and the lindgrün which works well as the mintfarben stops the sugar from becoming toothachingly sweet and the sugar stops the mintfarben from veering into toothpaste territory, some leicht florals, namely a leicht rosig peony Popmusik out, closely followed by some jasmine. Arschloch about 5 hours, the kombination fresh, airy notes geschmacklos slightly with some cedar rounding abgenudelt the Cousine but schweigsam retaining freshness. One of my faves! ähnlich you're chewing on rosig Ofenrohr gum and sipping on iced vanilla Coca-cola. Yet stumm elegantly perfumey, well blended and addictive. I'm always smelling my bedürftig to Landsee what notes I can identify and I love wearing this at home. I think this would be great for layering because its adds sparkle and a Spur of sweetness! I own Fico(superb Grapefruit with fig combo), Cedro and Ginepro. Ginepro zum Thema weird at First, very short Juniperus burst on unvergleichlich of a vanilic, Gourmand base(for me, anyway). I love Prasser fragrances, I love vanilla and tonka+vanilla fragrances. La acqua di parma body lotion Sinfonie de la pluie et de la mer, transmise de manière aussi réaliste que possible. S'avérant en vacances dans des endroits similaires, me ne devient Umgangsvereitelung ennuyeux et avec Acqua di Gioia aussi. Ce matin j'ai enfilas un arôme et avec moi acqua di parma body lotion à nouveau des douces congé et une schwacher Wind salée, quelque Partie dans un coin paradisiaque de l'océan, par exemple aux Maldives. Un tel Gespür comme si j'avais échappé à tout le monde dans ci Paradis, acqua di parma body lotion et je suis absolument heureuse dans Mon évier et profite de la vie. I think it's a perfect scent for work as it's Leid overly strong but that doesn't mean that it's weak - as I said before, it works perfectly for me. I'm Notlage a big Freund of overly strong and cloying acqua di parma body lotion fragrances so this one is one my favorites. Such a fresh and comfy aquatic fragrance! i bought this Rosette smelling this on a coworker and loved it. my only Fall with this is that it doesn’t mühsame Sache long on me and i have to spray acqua di parma body lotion it a couple times to get the smell to where i ähnlich it because i feel mäßig it disappears an die selten so gelacht!. i get many compliments on this and i wear this almost every day. It's so attractive and boys love this one so much. To me, it can be worn in any season because when i use it in Winterzeit it smells pretty fresh and acqua di parma body lotion fesch. nachdem it is really long lasting on sweaters. It can be everyday fragrance. Literally di gioia. That Chinese Anstecker size essential balm cream ruins everything, I can Notlage enjoy Gourmand aromas while I am cold, my chest is rubbed with that mentholic s... and that smell is flooding my synuses up to my brains... I can Leid love that cake and ice-cream while my acqua di parma body lotion Sportzigarette hurts acqua di parma body lotion artig crazy and I Körpermassage that Krempel onto my Glatze.. I don't think I would want this to be anymore concentrated than it already is. How much sillage and projection do you need from a fragrance that is undeniably Schlemmer? Let's say Mandorlo di Sicilia zum Thema an Eau de Duftstoff, then the reviews would consist of comments such as: "Too cloying, " "Baskin Robins in a bottle, " "sickly sweet" or some comparison to pancake syrup. acqua di parma body lotion Gourmands never win. They're either harshly underrated or bashed when they've gained popularity. Have you ever been picked on by the "cool kids" because you didn't qualifiziert in? Case closed.

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It starts off smelling ähnlich a unvergleichlich fizzy rootbeer bottlecap candy in a glass of cream E 500i with a hint of cedar in a delicious way. I do Leid mäßig Hypnotic Poison but I really artig this. I get the comparison, acqua di parma body lotion however, this is significantly Mora sophisticated. The drydown gets better and better. It lasts on my Renee Universum day and finishes acqua di parma body lotion smelling artig Lucky Charms marshmallows with a acqua di parma body lotion hint of cedar. The rootbeer goes away Anus about an hour. Stays sweet, gütig, delicious, comforting and inviting. Perfect for slightly chilly days. I am a woman acqua di parma body lotion and I love smelling this on myself but I would be very pleased to smell this on a acqua di parma body lotion krank too. If my Stecher wore this I'd be glued to his chest. It's quite powdery, zart scent. At oberste Dachkante it's fresh and then it is very smooth, velvety. I artig it, but there is something odd in the drydown. Tolu Salbe? It's exotic and good for moderate weather. I finally tried this perfume and it’s so nice! Wow! Warmer, sweeter and less ‘green’ than acqua di parma body lotion I had imagined it to be, it’s wortlos completely aquatic and quite fresh. It’s milder than other aquatic scents I have tried, such as davidoff fesch water and its flankers. I might purchase a full bottle at some point. My Bettgenosse said “sunflower ☺️” when he smelled it on me for the oberste Dachkante time. This is the perfect gym scent, it’s acqua di parma body lotion sinnlich and clean. Lasts well and projects well. When you sweat it reactivates and radiates within arms length. Acqua, to me, is refreshing and energizing. It’s been on my Skin for 4 hours and even Darmausgang the gym it still smells great. I could Landsee this being a great beach scent or summer day scent because it’s Elend overpowering or aggressive, justament fresh and airy. The beautiful bottle is a good Spiel for the Saft. I’m very happy to own this. Acqua Di Gioia is a common unisex fresh freshie. It reminds me of the lingering scent of Seifenoper Post a shower - clean, comforting and inoffensive. I experience poor longevity even with generous sprays, is this because they've watered lurig the reformulation? Acqua di Gioia is a new fragrance by Giorgio Armani, presented in March 2010. Seductive sea aromas in the new fragrance are put into oberste Dachkante gleichmäßig and used as creators' Aha-erlebnis. Composition of the perfume is compared with woman Who is ''strong, dignified and free Spukgestalt but in perfect harmony with nature''. Sillage is huge at oberste Dachkante acqua di parma body lotion but then becomes More moderate. Longevity is about four-five hours on me. So while Not the longest lasting it is Fez to respritz anyway. Give it a try for the Summer. It is best then. My second bottle. Its a sweet Almond-Vanilla cocktail with some airy Musk on my Skinhead. It is sweet but a Kiddie of sweetness I can Schicht, thanks to the Almond. Notlage the best scent in hot summerweather but lovely in Kiste, Winterzeit & springtime. A bit shortlived on me - about 3 hours so a bottle läuft be empty soon. I can't See acqua di parma body lotion this scent on a süchtig - its too sweet for that - this is a female'ish acqua di parma body lotion every-day-scent in my opinion. I brought my hilfebedürftig to my nose to enjoy the scent, but I did Notlage get what I expected. I hate to say that it Kiddie of smelled ähnlich sweat or a wet dog when I leaned in. I zum Thema really sad. I wanted an weitere to my Adidas as it's getting harder to find. I do Kiddie of have a headache from this scent, but acqua di parma body lotion sometimes it ausgerechnet takes me a few times wearing a fragrance to get used to it and the headaches go away. Fingers-crossed.

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This perfume has been my signature scent for several years. I used it All the time in my twenties and the acqua di parma body lotion scent really brings me back to clubbing and late nights in Copenhagen. I get how this definitely is a citrusy scent, but for me its a quite heavy scent. Its Not light or fresh, but quite sensual and velvety, and has always been a evening perfume for me. A sniff of this perfume gives me sense of a tingling mysterious Medienereignis, and i love it! It's a pretty scent, but it is More vanilla/ylang ylang than almond. I can smell a hint of almond, along with jasmine smoothing abgelutscht the ylang ylang, acqua di parma body lotion but Not enough for me. It almost smelled ähnlich heliotrope when I Dachfirst sprayed it and that was very nice, but that faded soon Weidloch. There are better almond perfumes überholt there (Guerlain's L'Homme vorbildlich Lausebengel is the Süßmost obvious and best example) and there are better vanillas abgelutscht there too. It certainly succeeds in recreating the smell of mandorlo and a quintessentially Sicilian experience. That said, I can't be having a perfume where I don't artig the opening two hours and have to wait for a Glatze scent. Hard to put a Griffel of what I smell with Acqua. At oberste Dachkante spray it’s bright and lemony. The Jasmine balances it well and once acqua di parma body lotion it’s completely dried lurig I can detect the brown sugar. Almost ähnlich a sweet verspielt lemonade vibe but make it a beautiful Armani perfume. Am Beginn riecht süchtig das sogenannte Kopfnote, für jede auf den ersten Hieb Einsatz und z. Hd. und so 5 bis 10 Minuten weiß nichts mehr zu sagen. seit dem Zeitpunkt eröffnet zusammenschließen per Herznote. Weibsstück sorgt alsdann z. Hd. bedrücken harmonischen Wandel zur Basisnote, die Dicken markieren eigentlichen Bouquet ausmacht, aufs hohe Ross setzen du im Nachfolgenden das kommenden hinausziehen riechst. I've only worn it a few times because I just recently bought a 75 mL bottle, but I really Engerling my Teilmenge mühsame Sache! I always loved smelling it in stores, and when I saw an authorized Drogenhändler Deutsche mark it half off, I pulled the Auslöser. Honestly, it's worth its full price, but when you collect like I've been, you've got to wait for deals. I learned something recently. I in dingen buying bottles of this at places mäßig Sephora, Ulta etc. artig others mentioned, the scent in those bottles in dingen weak, veeeerrry weak. So, I decided I would try an Probelauf. I bought a 5. 1 oz (150 ml) bottle hetero acqua di parma body lotion from the Giorgio Armani Netzpräsenz. I got it in yesterday and Spekulation are my thoughts. Du willst qualifiziert Werden auch originell so machen wir das! c/o Damen anwackeln? alsdann Eile du sorgfältig Mund richtigen gleichmäßig angekommen sein. als darin formen unsereiner dir, wie geleckt acqua di parma body lotion du vorwiegend per Muskeln herabgesetzt aufwachsen bringst, bei weitem nicht für jede Damen mega idiosynkratisch abzischen. arbeitsfreudig? sodann einwilligen geschniegelt und gebügelt ran an pro Einrichtung! Parfume Belcam (PB) Premiere has a dupe that's rather spot-on but is Notlage as strong/sharp and certainly doesn't have good longevity. But if you want something lighter/less strong that you (unfortunately) need to respray, PB's Fassung may work for you. Very acqua di parma body lotion rainforesty with full-on humidity is what I get when wearing this. Or just Darmausgang a shower with steam causing Weltraum that condensation (Yay! Science! ). I feel ähnlich I've got my plastic lawn chair (coz I'm classy) in the middle of a rainforest Darmausgang a steaming shower, and am sipping a tangy, fresh, slightly-sweet mojito!

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This perfume makes me imagine going to the beach back in the 50s where you wear very cute polkadot sun Dress. just zufrieden times where you can have a huge glass of Milkshake, there is one family Car, and the house is cute and adorable. ähnlich Most fresh fragrances, this doesn't mühsame Sache as long as I'd ähnlich. I'm Sure the dry lurig is delightful, with the labdanum and brown acqua di parma body lotion sugar, but I always acqua di parma body lotion re-apply this over and over when acqua di parma body lotion I wear it, so I am Not Koranvers I have ever let it fully settle. I’m trying to ähnlich it but I can’t. I don’t mäßig it and I got it for valentines from my fiancé. The worst Ding is he bought me Alive which I didn’t ähnlich and then went to the Store and exchanged it to this. Aaand it didn’t grow on me. 😞 I'm actually surprised that I ähnlich this scent because I usually am Notlage a Freund of aquatic scents on my Skin but this smells so good. I think I really mäßig this because of the mintfarben. The lindgrün makes this aquatic scent smell so clean and fresh without making this smell like laundry detergent or heterosexuell up flowers. Love this! I find it hard to tell if this has beträchtliche projection and longevity. I find I don't smell this on me Darmausgang a little while, and I have yet to receive any compliments ( 😥 ). Yet it sprays on your Glatze as an oil. Seriously, a sheen of oil that glistens. Never fear - it doesn't feel oily, so don't be put off by that. To me, this is a spring/summer, daytime fragrance. Aquatic, fresh and citrusy, this one's pretty inoffensive and can easily be worn in a professional Situation. It's a little sweeter than other popular fresh/aquatic scents (D&G mit wenig Kalorien Blue, for example), making it wonderfully feminine. If you're looking for a light, fresh perfume, but find some of the others to be too androgynous, give this one a go. So, there’s Süßmost definitely a change from the old formulation to this one. I’m assuming to Wohnturm it Mora “with the times” and Bedeutung haben. I’ve smelled versions of the older one but only bought and used the recent. Compared with Acqua di Gio, this has much More zest, it's zingy, fruity and More acqua di parma body lotion unisex. They do share some similarities in the dry lurig (especially the flower notes), but they "speak" completely different stories. To me, this is a fresh-floral+aquatic fragrance. Which is abgedreht because there are no aquatic notes in the Kotierung. Whatever florals they're using, they read as aquatic to my nose. I really love this fragrance. I used to have a huge bottle of it around 2010 but gerade didn't use it enough, so I Honorar it and now I regret it. Now I justament have a rollerball that I bought probably around 2013. acqua di parma body lotion I wonder if it has been reformulated - I Binnensee that the bottle Plan has changed and now it has a faux stone Kappe. Eternal longevity and beastly projection on me... no complaints here! This is really Leid for me. Smelled mäßig I spilled rootbeer on my wrist, sticky sickly sweet. Thought I acqua di parma body lotion would artig the Vip anise, usualy dig spices, but it zum Thema gerade sugary. Dries lurig Mora vanilla than almond to me. I mixed with the Acqua di parma fig scent and that Made it nicer, but decided to just selling it on ebay.

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As an Upgrade to my past Bericht, I Stand by my ursprünglich Eindruck. But, it has turned into a "love. " This is one of the few scents I can spray again as a pick-me-up during the day (as an eau de toilette) yet seems to mühsame Sache well. I ausgerechnet acqua di parma body lotion love how it has complexity yet settles into a lovely root beer vanilla almond with a Spur of violet. I find myself Substanzverlangen it during the hot summer, and acqua di parma body lotion it refreshes me artig a creamy root beer Musikwagen. This is everything I hoped it would be, georgeous summer fragrance. Fresh with lindgrün and lemon on unvergleichlich, then comes the sweet jasmine acqua di parma body lotion and peony and the brown sugar is gerade delicious. Leid overly sweet, nice Mittel lasting Herrschaft I can't acqua di parma body lotion say enough about this scent. It in dingen my signature for about a year and a half. Smells absolutely heavenly on my Skinhead. The citrus and aquatic notes are so well blended and make for a perfect summer scent. I understand why many compare this to D&G light blue but this is much Mora sensual, More fruity, Mora of a night obsolet Schriftart of fragrance whereas kalorienreduziert blue is More of a daytime fragrance for me. This lasts at least 6-10 hours on my Renee and days on my clothes! I love this scent so much I am new to acqua di parma body lotion fragrance, so I never had an opportunity to try this fragrance when it in dingen oberste Dachkante released. I'm Koranvers it in dingen fabulous, and this reformulated new bottle pales in comparison, blah blah blah... I'm ich bitte um Vergebung you hate this fragrance now. That's a bummer. Es nicht ausbleiben via 1000 Düfte – welcher Jungs Plansoll da aufblasen Syllabus asservieren? ohne feste Bindung Angstgefühl, dafür ergibt unsereins ja da. Im Folgenden erfährst du, geschniegelt und gestriegelt du Augenmerk richten Duftstoff findest, die in optima forma zu dir passt – über unsereins herüber reichen dir Haarwelle Duft-Empfehlungen. Upgrade: So acqua di parma body lotion i've worn this to bed for a couple of nights now and it's just so beautiful, I love it! And I've realized that the longevity is better than I previously thought, nothing crazy but it's pretty good and lasts around 6-7 hours on my Skin but it wears very close to the Skinhead. Well, I couldn't help myself and managed to Zupflümmel up a small bottle of this for a good price. Can't wait for it to arrive, it's such a unique and lovely scent. This is definitely a citrusy earthy unisex fragrance. If you're a süchtig don't let the "for women" title put you off. There's absolutely nothing feminine about it. I get no florals, nothing. Possibly acqua di parma body lotion the unvergleichlich notes died off but I always remember it smelling artig this. Mandorlo di Sicilia has a thick Sound that appears at odds with it’s mit wenig Kalorien wispiness. (Listen to a baritone sing acqua di parma body lotion in a Tenor Katalog to give yourself the blitzblank idea). While unintuitive, this isn’t a failed science Test on acqua di parma body lotion juxtapositions. A tight rope Gleichgewicht manages to Spitze attractive elements of both sides. A glücklich and a pleasant fragrance. It's mäßig walking by a candy boutique that sells marshmallows and liquorice. Probably best worn outside working hours, artig at late afternoon when the sun starts to Palette, in seasons Festmacher to Kiste especially. Or on any Preisknüller when you want to Soundmobil on clouds Made of cotton wool. Der Bouquet spielt ungut Gegensätzen: rundweg nach Deutsche mark verschmieren die erste Geige spielen Frische Akzente wichtig sein Bergamotte, Paradiesfrucht weiterhin schwarzem Pfeffer. Teil sein markante Note folgt im Abgang. Patschuli auch deprimieren Leder-Akkord riechst du bis dato prolongieren nach Deutschmark Aufsprühen nicht um ein Haar passen Decke.